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Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using Google+

If you are in the Real Estate industry you will not want to miss this guest post by the esteemed Google Plus Authority +Mark Traphagen who explains why every Realtor should be using this great social media platform.

While the article speaks to the Real Estate industry, the use of Google+ applies to any type of business. Take a look at this article you will be glad you did!

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Great read btw.  I have had 3 different Realtors in the area this weekend ask me how the heck I got my picture to show like that.  
The article is exceptional +Annie Maloney! Every Realtor that has any question about Google Plus should read it!
Thanks +Jessi Hall! +Mark Traphagen did an incredible job with this article. Ever real estate agent should certainly read it as it explains the power of the network brilliantly.
We got a call Saturday from someone in another state, seems when he Googled RE/MAX in Corvallis our number came up.
This article certainly should be a wake up call to anyone in the Real Estate industry who is not using G Plus!
+Bill Gassett thanks for bringing this article to my attention because it supports what I've been pushing all along and is embodied in my new course.  The networking power of Google Plus isn't being fully utilized by real estate agents.  Google Plus makes it so easy to get posts and links to blogs on the first page of Google's search results for all of one's followers (people who have you in a circle) to see.

However for this to work, the agent has to push beyond networking with other real estate agents.  The have to network with potential home buyers.  Now, I know a lot of real estate agents say they're buyers aren't here.  And there are two answers to that.  First, many potential buyers are here, if you know how to find them, and secondly, why not go out into the community and attract these people to circle you.  And that's not as hard as it sounds.  And the work is well worth the time, because as +Mark Traphagen says, the bigger the network the more useful Google Plus will be to the real estate agent and the more houses they will sell.

For more information on how to get your content to rank on the first page of the search results, and how to get your potential home buyers to circle you, click on the link below.
I love how many times a day i hear... I found you on Google for a search of something blah blah blah. How did  you get your photo to come up? I only smile! Being a Realtor on Google+ and blogging good content are what it is about. Knowing how to put it all together takes some time and energy. Articles like yours +Bill Gassett makes me happy to be a part of this community!
+Pat Pendley just the fact you have your picture will change CTR dramatically!

Of course I agree +Adrienne Hollis !

+Al Remetch great summary of why it makes sense to have a strong network. You do however want to make sure you are concentrating on not just raw numbers but quality as well.

+Janis Borgueta people love seeing a photo. It is just human nature. Increase CTR quite a bit!
Comment added to the blog. What about a Google+ business page? I'm torn between my personal page & business page. Which one do I focus on for my business?
+Mike Muranetz I would focus on your personal profile.  People want to do business with people, not business entities.  And you as a person are building a relationship with the people in your network.  Also, just until a couple of days ago, a business page couldn't go out and circle people and interact with them the way a person can.  And although that has now changed, if I see that a person has interacted with me, I'm more receptive than a business page interacting with me.  You will notice that all the admired people here like +Bill Gassett and +Mark Traphagen are posting from their profiles and not their pages.
Love it! It's google why wouldn't you have a presence it's one of the largest search engines! Just good ole common sense. Love the action steps! can you point me in the direction of a real estate agent for northwestern illinois/southern wisconsin :D
Such powerful information, thanks +Mark Traphagen and +Bill Gassett!  The conversation and exchange here also tells a story.  Watch it grow is the take away for me. :-)  How exciting!
+Bill Gassett , I am located in the Tampa Bay / Brandon , Florida area and have some ideas that I would love to team up with one or a few real estate professionals on.

They have the real estate business and I have the technical know how.

Please suggest me to your network of Real Estate Professionals.
Bill, that is a great piece.  I started my google+ today and plan on diving in as quickly as I can
Thanks for posting this. I sure have a lot to learn, but this got me motivated to get things going more on google+.
This is great! Being in mortgages is no different, can't wait to share.
+Bill Gassett +Nikol Murphy meant I was talking about you at a class I taught tonight for Triangle area business people.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I'm so glad you are discovering how to unlock the power of Google+!
Yes, I apologize for not being clear. I forget that not everyone has a tab on your every move +Mark Traphagen. 
Wonderful article by +Mark Traphagen and smart to have a guest post on this topic.  I commented on post and reblogged your Active Rain post. (Congrats on the feature).

I also had an "a ha" moment on here...I will post on that later today and link to your post.  Have to run to an early appt right now and not enough time to write what I want to say properly right now.
This is an excellent article, +Bill Gassett. Making the most of Google+ truly helps agents be "found" on the web.
This was a great article! It did a good job expressing people's views on Google+ as opposed to Facebook, Twitter, etc. We've heard it so many times before!  We've sent the article to all of our company realtors as we thought it was just what they needed to hear. Thanks!
+Briarwood RE it was the best move getting +Mark Traphagen to put together this article. Most Realtors still don't "get" Google Plus. Many are wasting their time on Facebook thinking that it is going to bring them a bunch of business.
+Frank Iglesias it would be great if you stopped posting your website in comments. There is absolutely no value in doing so and is considered SPAM!!!
Thanks +Joe Hogin. Mark did an awesome job explaining why every Realtor should be using Google Plus.
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