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Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate
Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate

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Do You Know The Keys to Selling Your Home?
Selling a home is not rocket science.

if you are smart you will hire a top real estate professional and follow their guidance to a tee!

In his latest article. +Kevin Vitali shares some tips on getting your home sold in a timely fashion.

Take a look and head his advice!

Be sure to check out some of his excellent references to other real estate pros as well including +Karen Highland, +Kyle Hiscock, and +Xavier De Buck.

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Why Own a Home?
There are many reasons to own the "American Dream."

In his latest article, +Kyle Hiscock covers many of the most important reasons so many people make it a life goal to have a place of their own.

Whether you are buying a home for financial reasons, the bare necessity of shelter or to have a family, there are more benefits than you realize.

Take a look as Kyle explains why the goal of owning a home is a sound thought.

There are also helpful resources from +Paul Sian and +Conor MacEvilly as well.


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Why Use a Local Real Estate Agent Website Instead of Zillow
When searching for homes, especially in a sellers market it is important to have accurate information at your finger tips.

Do you know how often homes found on Zillow are already under agreement? The answer is a lot!

Do you ever look at their estimates of value? Do you trust them or take them with a grain of salt?

In his latest article +Fred Franks Jr has put together a great piece of why you should always use a local real estate agent website when purchasing a home.

There is also a helpful resource from +Kevin Vitali as well.

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.

#realestate #zillow

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Going to The Listing Agent Doesn't Save You Money!
Sometimes it is amazing to me how many buyers think going directly to the listing agent is going to benefit them!

The thinking is that if they go to the listing agent they might get a kick back on the commission.

YAHOO you saved two grand on the commission but overpaid on the house by 10,000 for a delta of $8000. That was really smart!

it always makes sense to have a buyers agent in your corner. DO NOT accept dual agency which does NOT benefit you in anyway.

Take a look as +Kevin Vitali shares why going directly to the listing agent is a mistake.

There are also helpful contributions from +Kyle Hiscock, +Teresa Cowart and +Wendy Weir as well

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What is an Escalation Clause in Real Estate?
In today's crazy sellers market it is not uncommon to see multiple offers and bidding wars on many properties.

Puchasing a home can be very frustrating these days for buyers, as they lose out on homes they love.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of home buyers losing out on bids over and over again.

So how does a buyer level the playing field and increase the odds of winning?

One such tool in an escalation clause in an offer.

An escalation clause works by letting a buyer pay up to a certain amount of money over the next highest bidder.

This increases the odds the buyer will get the home.

There is a lot to know, however, about an escalation clause!

In my latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, I take an in-depth look at what you need to know about an escalation clause.

There are also helpful home buying resources from +Luke Skar +Kyle Hiscock +Xavier De Buck and +Kevin Vitali as well.

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.

#realestate #escalationclause

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Key Real Estate Investment Strategies
Are you looking to become an investor in the real estate industry?

If so it is important to pick your niche and know it like the back of your hand.

There are various strategies to make money in real estate.

Are you a fix and flip kind of person? Maybe you like holding rental property?

In his latest article, Adam Winters of +Sell My House Fast Houston Offer Climb offers some great advice on which real estate investment strategy may be right for you.

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share.


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FHA Loans: What You Need to Know
One of the great benefits of an FHA loan is the loan down payment requirement of 3.5%.

This fact is what most people know about FHA loans. What about the rest? How much do you know about the FHA mortgage program?

Take a look as +Debbie Drummond has put together an excellent resource.

There are also helpful resources including in Debbie's guide as well by +Luke Skar and +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments.

Take a look and if you enjoy the mortgage advice, give it a share socially.

#realestate #mortgage

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Why Dual Agency Offers No Benefits to Buyers and Sellers
When either buying or selling a home the last thing you want is wha't referred to as dual agency.

Just imagine interviewing a real estate agent to sell your home.

You would want someone in your corner fighting for you best interests at all times correct?

Someone you can trust who can advise and answer all of your questions.

Well, if you agree to dual agency you will let your real estate agent become a neutral party in the transaction.

They will no longer exclusively represent you anymore! They cannot by law advise you when an offer is made.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Take a look at the article just published at +LinkedIn and see why you never want to accept a dual agent.

Dual agency has actually been banned in a number of states. It should be made illegal in all of them.

There is only one party who benefits from dual agency - the real estate agent.

In fact, this is the reason you will see tons of agents proclaim "there is nothing wrong with it - I do it all the time".

Dual agency is the #1 reason agents get SUED!

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share.

#realestate #dualagency #dualagent

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Best of Google+ Real Estate July 2017
It's that time of the month again where we highlight the best real estate content found in the Google Plus Real Estate communities.

This month +Lynn Pineda has put together a killer compilation over at Massachusetts Real Estate News.

There are helpful articles for buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

Featured authors this month include +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments, +Joe Boylan, +Kevin Vitali, +Fred Franks Jr, +Kyle Hiscock, +Tom Horn, +Paul Sian, +Anita Clark and +Debbie Drummond.

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share.


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8 Killer Tips For Buying a High-End Home
After a long absence from the blogging seen "The African Superstar" Blogger is back!

Yes folks I am talking about +Xavier De Buck who has come roaring back with an exceptional article on how to buy a luxury home.

Do you enjoy great real estate content? Then sink your teeth into The X Man's great advice along some some super graphics to go along with it.

Be sure to also check out some other expert tips from +Debbie Drummond, +Paul Sian, +Ryan Fitzgerald and +Luke Skar.

If you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.

#realestate #luxury
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