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Killer Guide to Buying New Construction
Buying a new home comes with it trials and tribulations you do not have with a resale.

+Ryan Fitzgerald has done an exceptional job of putting together some fantastic advice for those who are considering a new home purchase.

Take a look at all of Ryan's tips along with some very good articles from +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Andrew Fortune +Debbie Drummond and +Xavier De Buck and myself.

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #newconstruction  
If you're wondering - How Do I Buy A New Construction Home? This is an article you can't afford not to read!
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Absolutely - Glad to be connected! +Ryan Fitzgerald 
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Bill Gassett

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10 Quick Tips On Downsizing Your Home
Has the time come in your life where you have the need to downsize into a smaller home?

+Xavier De Buck has put together some excellent advice in his entertaining article with tips on downsizing your home.

See the X man's best advice along with some other terrific resources to articles written from +Anita Clark +Karen Highland +Debbie Drummond and +houzz.

Take a look and if you find the article helpful please consider socially sharing.

Has your home outgrown you? Are you living in this big house of which you only use a few rooms in a year (e.g. kitchen, living room, main bedroom and en-suit
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Exactly, +Debbie Drummond! Life doesn't always have to be as stressful if need be!

Awesome to hear, +Adrienne Hollis!
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Bill Gassett

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Condo vs Home: The Pro's and Con's of Each
When you have never owned either a condo or a home the choice between these two types of housing selections can be difficult.

Each of these choices can be vastly different from one another. In the article I explore the advantages and disadvantages to each.

I use some references to other articles already written to help you decide which choices is best for your lifestyle and finances. Featured writers include +Kyle Hiscock +Debbie Drummond and +Karen Highland.

Take a look and if you find the article helpful please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #condo #home  
It is important to know the pros and cons of owning a condo versus owning a home. Each housing choice has its advantages and disadvantages.
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You bet +Debbie Drummond and appreciate the comps!
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Bill Gassett

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What You Need to Know About Short Sales
Without a doubt short sales are the most misunderstood type of real estate transactions with the general public and Realtors as well (unfortunately).

Short sales are complicated for sure. There are so many things a seller and buyer need to understand before venturing into these waters.

+Lynn Pineda has done an excellent job summarizing some of the more important points.

Have a look at her article along with some of the terrific resources from +Melissa Zavala +Elizabeth Weintraub +Kyle Hiscock +Anita Clark +Karen Highland and +Paul Sian.

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing.

#shortsales #realestate  
20 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Short Sales

If you’re a regular reader you may have already read about the Cold, Hard Facts in Home Selling and the Cold, Hard Facts in Home Buying.  Today, I’m talking the truth about selling a home as a Short Sale. Honest. Brutal. No sugar coated tales. Just facts, 20 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Short Sales.

One of the 20 Cold Hard Facts:

Know the local distressed Real Estate Market - Whether a home is a Short Sale or traditional sale, Real Estate is always local.  You may not know your local distressed market, but make sure your hired Real Estate Agent does. It’s critical to know how to position a home for sale in a local market, more so than ever, with a Short Sale. Time is not on your side with a Short Sale and you must get the home sold. A Short Sale should never expire. There must always be a strategy for getting it sold. What happens if no offers come after a few weeks? A Real Estate Agent better know what to do.

Click through below to read the remaining 19 facts about Short Sales and please consider sharing so the facts get well known.

You’ll also find some great Real Estate articles from other Real Estate Bloggers who articles I’ve included that are complimentary to this Short Sale discussion. From; 
+Bill Gassett +Anita Clark +Elizabeth Weintraub +Paul Sian +Melissa Zavala +Karen Highland +Kyle Hiscock

17 comments on original post
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You bet +Lynn Pineda this is always a topic worth discussing!
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Bill Gassett

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Best of Google+ Real Estate June 2015
Every month we highlight some of the best real estate content on Google+

This month +Debbie Drummond has put together a fantastic compilation of posts that are sure to help numerous buyers and sellers.

There are quite a few top real estate bloggers featured this month including +Paul Sian +Ryan Fitzgerald +Andrew Fortune +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Karen Highland +Joe Samson +Greg Hancock and +Xavier De Buck.

There is a wide range of topics covered so there is something for all interests.

If you find the article enjoyable please consider sharing. If you are writing consistently within the Google+ real estate groups you just may find yourself featured in upcoming months.

The Very Best Of Real Estate on Google Plus Google Plus is an excellent place to research the latest trends in real estate. You'll find top Real Estate pros
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Thank you +Paul Sian   You did a very good job of covering a lot of the basic terms that confuse people.
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Bill Gassett

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Killer Guide to Buying a First Home!
If you are going to be buying your first home education is always important.

There is lot to learn when doing anything for the first time and buying a home is certainly no exception. +Ryan Fitzgerald has done an incredible job putting together this comprehensive article with contributions from many great real estate pro's including: +Andrew Fortune +Lynn Pineda +Debbie Drummond +Kyle Hiscock +Paul Sian +Joe Samson and +Joe Manausa.

Take a look and share if you find helpful.

#realestate #firsttimehomebuyers #firsttimebuyers  
A GREAT Guide for First Time Home Buyers. INFOGRAPHIC to help you buy a home, Realtor® info. mistakes to avoid, and best strategies to use!
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Thank you guys :)!
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Bill Gassett

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How to Get Real Business From A Real Estate Blog!
Are you interested in finding out the secrets to getting real  business from your real estate blog?

In the article over at +Point2  you will see some of my best tips that have allowed me to have a six figure income from having a blog.

Make sure you take a look at all of the links within the article as they share my best advice on how to tie your real estate site in with your social media efforts.

This is one you won't want to miss!

#realestate #bloggingtips #socialmedia  
Learn blogging tips from real estate agent and social media pro Bill Gassett. How to create content that will attract prospects and build your business.
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My pleasure this was sensational! So many real estate agents would get a ton out of reading this one.
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Bill Gassett

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What to Expect From Your Realtor When Buying a Home
One black mark on the real estate industry is the ease in which you can enter the business.

This unfortunately increases the chances of getting hooked up with a real estate DUD!

+Kyle Hiscock presents us with another Tuesday morning gem on how you can avoid getting stuck with a Realtor who should be driving an ice cream truck instead.

See some additional helpful references as well from +Lynn Pineda +Andrew Fortune and +Ryan Fitzgerald

If you find the article helpful please share it socially.

#realestate #homebuying  
When buying a home, there are certain expectations you should have of your real estate agent. Here are the top 10 expectations from your real estate agent!
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Agreed +David O'Doherty I have never understood why licensing laws were not far more stringent.
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Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a House
Here is some excellent advice from +Paul Sian on avoiding mistakes that can kill a home purchase.

Paul walks us through some common problems that can easily be avoided.

Some excellent contributions in the article as well from +Kyle Hiscock +Anita Clark +Debbie Drummond and +HouseHunt.

Take a look and share if you find helpful.

How to prevent a home closing failure. To prevent a home closing catastrophe you should attend and pay attention to a number of things...
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Thanks again +Raleigh Realty !
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Bill Gassett

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The Inaccuracies of Zillow Explained
Most real estate agents understand how inaccurate Zillow can be when it comes to some data including their "Zestimates" of value and displaying homes for sale that are not available or never will be.

I have put together a compilation of posts from some top real estate bloggers who have written about this topic over at +Storify including +Tom Horn +Karen Highland +Kyle Hiscock and +Debbie Drummond.

If you have not used Storify before I would highly encourage you to check it out. It is a fantastic site for content curation.

#realestate #zillow  
If you are not familiar with Zillow they are essentially a syndication service for real estate listings. Zillow does have some very nice features on their site however there are a few things that are misleading to consumers including homes not actually for sale and their Zestimates of value.
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You're welcome +Bill Gassett 
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Bill Gassett

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Best Real Estate Articles June 2015
Here is a great compilation of posts from around the net for your real estate reading pleasure put together by +Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies.

See some excellent posts on a wide variety of topics including mine on why real estate agents should be attending home inspections.

See some others who are regulars on Google Plus including +Kyle Hiscock +Richard Silver and +Neighborhood Loans.

If you enjoy the round-up please consider sharing socially.

The Best Real Estate Articles of the Month roundup, 10 carefully selected articles by some of the industry's best and brightest. Here is the list for June:
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Great list of articles here by +Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies for sure +Bill Gassett!  Thanks for the mention!
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Bill Gassett

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What Do Today's Buyers Want in A Home?
Buyers are more picky than ever when it comes to expectations when buying a home.

There are certain features that the masses are now looking for. Do you know what these amenities are?

+Kyle Hiscock has put together an excellent guide for those who are thinking of making home improvements.

It may make sense when making changes to make sure you know what a future buyer may want?

Kyle has some helpful references in his article to other top real estate bloggers including +Lynn Pineda +Karen Highland and +Debbie Drummond.

If you like the article please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #homeimprovement  
There are many home features that home buyers want in a home. See the most popular home features that today's home buyers are looking for in a home here!
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Thanks +Deborah Lamb!
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Best Google+ Real Estate Articles June 2015

The Very Best Of Real Estate on Google Plus Google Plus is an excellent place to research the latest trends in real estate. You'll find top

How Does a Late Mortgage Payment Affect Your Credit Score

If you are like many home owners, there may come a time when you are tempted to miss a payment on your mortgage. You may feel like you have

How to Enlist Neighbors to Help Sell Your House

How to Enlist Neighbors to Help Sell Your House, via Anita Clark with Coldwell Banker SSK Realtors in Warner Robins Georgia.

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles May 2015

With so much great real estate content found daily on Google Plus, I think it’s important to recap and pull out those articles that really s

Real Estate Marketing: Save Time with Content Curation

Agent Insights: Realtor and real estate marketing enthusiast Bill Gassett shares how content curation can help you grow your business.

Securing Your New Home

Top Tips for Securing Your New Home via Anita Clark. If you are about to move in to a new home, these security tips are a must read!

Michael George is one of the few people I will trust when it comes to SEO. He is down to earth and knows his stuff. Unlike some SEO's, who like to give you unrealistic expectations or do crooked things in order to obtain short term rankings, Michael plays by the book. If you have a Wordpress blog and need any kind of help either with implementing or running a site, I would highly recommend him! Over the years Michael has fixed a number of Wordpress issues I have run into for a very reasonable amount of money. You can't go wrong when you hire the Guru Effect!
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I have known Andrew for the last few years. As a fellow Realtor it is easy to see his drive as a real estate professional. Andrew has all the tools a client should be looking for when selling a home including an outstanding website with great marketing and exceptional photography. If you are looking for a quality agent Andrew is definitely someone you should consider interviewing!
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I have been going to Janet Goguen for the last 15 years or so for all my dentistry needs. She and her staff do an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good dentist.
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You will be surprised when going into Hopkinton Drug if you are expecting a typical drugstore. It is far from that! I would call it a specialty store that has a wide variety of items including a great selection of greeting cards, nick nacks, magazines, as well as snack items.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very GoodService: Good
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34 reviews
As a Realtor myself, I know what to look for in a top notch real estate agent. Lynn has all of those qualities including drive, honesty and knowledge. Having known Lynn for the last few years it has been great to work with her on a couple of referrals. In fact one recent referral is still in the process of working with her right now and has nothing but good things to say. If you are looking for an excellent real estate agent in the Coral Springs area make sure you give her a call.
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Fresh Water Farm is a great place to grab lunch. They have a great deli that serves outstanding food. They are also a specialty market that has a wide selection of tasty snacks and fruits. The atmosphere is terrific and the people who work there are very helpful.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Very Good
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Sunnyside Cafe is one of the best breakfast spots in the area. I go there to grab breakfast almost every Sunday. They have a really good selection on their menu and the wait staff is very friendly. I would recommend Sunnyside if you are a fan of a good breakfast!
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago