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Bill Eisenhauer
Native Texan, Aggie, Kauaian-wannabe, sports-fanatic, software developer, and entrepreneur.
Native Texan, Aggie, Kauaian-wannabe, sports-fanatic, software developer, and entrepreneur.

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Deer are a frequent sight in our neighborhood when we're out walking.  Last night at 11:45pm, we saw this buck feeding on acorns out in our driveway.

Very soon, this guy needs to be careful; we're not far from deer season.

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+Sammy Hagar on night 2 of his annual Birthday Bash at the +Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas.

We had a blast at the Cabo Wabo!

Here's the set list from that night:

Winding Down (Sammy & Friends, 2013)
Little White Lies (Marching to Mars, 1997)
Three Lock Box (Three Lock Box, 1982)
Not Going Down (S&F)
Going Down (S&F)
One Way To Rock (Standing Hampton, 1981)
I'll Fall in Love Again (Standing Hampton)
Why Can't This Be Love (VH, 5150, 1986)
Sympathy for the Human (Red Voodoo, 1999)
Personal Jesus (S&F)
High and Dry Again (Red Voodoo)
Shaka Doobie (Ten 13,  2000)
Ramblin' Man (S&F)
Top of the World (VH, FUCK, 1990)
Bad on Fords (S&F)
I Can't Drive 55 (VOA, 1984)
Mas Tequila (Red Voodoo)
Knockdown Dragout (S&F)
All We Need Is An Island (S&F)

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What's the difference between your average email spammer and some technical recruiters.  As it turns out, very little:

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Gillian's Beach in Kauai.

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Taken six years apart; 6/2008 and 5/2013.

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One of my favorite songs from last night's +Chickenfoot concert featuring +Sammy Hagar, +Joe Satriani, +Michael Anthony, and Kenny Aronoff—"Something Gone Wrong", a song off of their second album Chickenfoot III.

Joe's outro on the album and on this performance are amazing. And of course, Sammy's lyrics are great too.

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One of my entrepreneur heroes, +Guy Kawasaki, will be appearing in Dallas on June 5th as a guest of the Social Media Club. I am not a member of this club, so I hope they won't mind interlopers.

My question is: which book(s) do I bring on the off-chance I can get one signed? I feel like it may be cooler to go old school by bringing the 'Art of the Start' so Guy knows I was a fan of his in the days when he bashed Twitter.

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A NASA video chronicles the flight of a rubber chicken during a sun storm in March, a student experiment to observe the radiation from the strongest solar tempest in nearly a decade.

Quite appropriately, the video's soundtrack features 'Up Next' by +Chickenfoot! Someone at NASA is pretty clever!

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I love CopyTalk, so authentic and fun. Marketing often seems much more fun than software development. Anyway, check this intro to that link out.
I am fascinated with how to make web pages convert. There's a lot involved, but invariably somewhere in the mix the website's copy plays a critical role. Pretty obvious, right?

There is a set of eBooks you can buy from which will help you write good copy. I've owned these eBooks for a while now. However, I went back to the site recently and stumbled across the link that I have shared. Videos, podcasts, and tips on copy and all for FREE.

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If you don't know Pinterest at all, this series may help you. The writer on this site seems to know what he's talking about. :)
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