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Bill DeWitt
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes


I've been dismissing most of the conspiracy stuff as just bad reporting or hysteria. This is not that. Just watch it.

Anyone can do this, and the authorities certainly have. They could refute it easily if they have a different answer, but they don't need to, they just need to ignore it. Unless this goes viral.

The only thing I would like to see is the actual sound files he used, but they are available everywhere.

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If you don't watch this, you probably should not talk about bump stocks.

I haven't done anything with Tasker for about three years, I had my phone set up and was happy with it. But now I have a new phone and want to start over, not just copy over the old tasks.

But the main change I want to add to my system is voice input through my BT headset. I didn't do this before because the hardware I had was poor quality. So now I don't know how people are doing it.

Point: I do not want to use Google Assistant.

I wil probably use autovoice to input commands, but I don't know what people are using to intercept button pushes. I want to take over either the long press call button, or use the short press answer call button when the phone is not ringing or connected to a call.

I have the autoapps but I don't see this function there yet. I see a few other plugins that claim to do it but the first two I tried didn't work.

So what are folks using? Does everyone just have google Assistant handle things for them? Or are there other plugins I should try?

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Notification of the Declaration of War against the Tech/Dark State incestuous oligarchy. Or "Alt-Fuck Google".

I might get banned for posting this.

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Here's a user tutorial for, one of the new range of services to #speakfreely, although there's no way to tell at this point what will last. Find your new home while you can, Google YouTube is already hiding videos that mention other services.

When social media finds a way to break free from single-point, owned methods, then a real second renaissance can begin. Until then you can probably find me on Gab, here -

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Passing on some recommendations via this guy's bitchute video. I have not moved any of my videos there yet, but no one wants to see them anyway, lol...
To follow my exit from Google, see me at -

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A Blockchain video host? Check it out for yourself, but something like this is where we are going.

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I used to be a leftist hippy until they abandoned their freedom and liberty pretenses. I first noticed it when they made "Frito Bandito" a forbidden phrase in the early 70s. It took me another 5 years to really learn that lesson.

Free Speech is under attack by those who should know better. To work against that I have moved to for most of my content.

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To increase kek and lol use
Adds animated text, and graphic icons to moving gifs.
Like the famous @CNN gifs

Post them to me at and I will spread them around.
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