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+Tyler Wylie Mills did you miss out?

Ways to make Google+ relevant again:
1. Open API for publishing content
2. Developer Program to pay developers to build value clients and services.
3. Fund partnership with key influencers to use the service
4. Give social marketers access to drive an advertising platform, which means Google has to share the wealth.

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As always... a good video on an exciting topic of Web Components
Hey folks! Just a reminder, if you missed last week’s episode of #Polycasts with +Rob Dodson be sure to catch up and learn how to update the content in your single page app with ease.

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Can't wait for a much simpler VCS

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Because f' math. Exactly. 
This is why people love JavaScript

Join : +I'm Programmer for more #programming   #fun  

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Dedicated fans.
Superfans bring "Game of Thrones" to life in Minecraft:

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I'll have to check this out soon 
Our friends at Phusion have released some #Docker base images for #Ruby, #Python, #Node, and #Meteor web apps:

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Great talks on the future of web development 
Hey folks, just wanted to share this playlist in case you missed the Polymer talks at Chrome Dev Summit:

There are three talks in the list:

First is Dimitri Glazkov, talking about the history of Web Components and how they help us compose and reuse elements.

Matt McNulty talks about the roadmap for Polymer 1.0 and the performance improvements in the next release.

And I gave a talk on building Polymer apps, including how to make them performant with Vulcanize and work offline with Service Worker.

Hope you enjoy!

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Relaxing after thanksgiving

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Sweet new redesign of the ruby site.
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