90 iPads in 90 Minutes and bulk Casper updates
Helpful blog post by +Fraser Speirs.

Fraser mentions a Python script he wrote and uses for part of what he describes. The script code is not available in the post, but it seems that the Mac app JSS MUT (jssmut.com) by +Mike Levenick  will do what the script does except for creating users in JAMF Casper. If anyone has an easy way to do that part, please let me know. (Mike, if you read this, have you considered adding user account creation to JSS MUT?)

I haven't tried JSS MUT myself yet, but it reports the ability to change many mobile device and associated fields in bulk by using a CSV text file you prepare. This is something many people have done in JAMF Casper with scripts and SQL in the past, but JSS MUT has an easier to use interface. While it rightfully requires an appropriately privileged login to Casper, it does not require direct access to the MySQL server database. This makes is easier to use and seemingly less likely for one to mess up the JSS database with a poorly constructed query. (One could export the current values of fields for the devices to be updated as a backup before running JSS MUT.)

Thank you to Fraser and Mike for sharing your knowledge and skills.

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