Google Plus circle for #edcampnyc 2012
I continue to like using Google+ as my way to share thoughts, collect information, and engage with others and find it fits nicely between the brevity of twitter, which is often too short unless you link to something else, and blogging, which seems a little more formal.
(I've written more about that at

Anyway, because of this I continue to try to expand my Google+ community in an attempt to get it be as robust as my Twitter community. For Twitter, I've found creating lists of conference attendees a good way to do this so I'm attempting to do the same as a Google+ circle for #edcampnyc 2012 convening at Francis Lewis High School (

Therefore, this is the start of my EdCampNYC 2012 attendees circle. This contains the organizers I could find on Google+. I will add more attendees by searching the hastag on Twitter (as there is little use of the tag on Google+ at the moment.) Unfortunately, shared circles don't currently auto-update so after I expand the circle, I will share it out again and link to it from this post.

(Note to +Vic Gundotra and the +Google+ team: Shared circles that could be easily updated would be a great feature for this purpose.)

If you are attending edCampNYC 2012, please add a comment to this post, and I'll add you to my edCampNYC circle (then share it again later). Thanks.
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