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This post has failed twice...darn google+ app on ipad! Last attempt.

Great week, I'm glad I was able to watch all the shows. +Mike Elgan +Jason Howell, and of course +Natali Morris. Well done! You collaborated on everything great, and the show had something great about the way it flowed.

I've got my vote now for a permanent group of three!

Launchers can make or break a phone setup and usability to everyone. I'm working with Aviate on my Note 3 at the moment.

I'm interested in hearing what the AAA community has to say about them.

Do you use something like Aviate? Or more customization wanted? Why do you use the specific launcher over others? Thanks! 

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Just saw this today. Heard a little about it.

Nokia to debut Android smartphone in February - WSJ report

Apparently Microsoft and Nokia services though rather than all traditional Android services? 

I can't seem to find Tech News 2Night on the Android app?

Coming soon I hope! 

I'm happy with the direction the show has been going. Well done +Mike Elgan & +Sarah Lane

When will Tech News 2Night be available on the Android app?

I'd rather user the app than YouTube or podcast. 

On Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I had problems when activating S Voice Handsfree mode. Had to reboot phone to get access to launcher. Running Aviate launcher, and did not have the problem before cover installed. Also did this with cover and Samsung launcher. 

Does cover have any effect on functionality of Samsung S View cases? Phone is Galaxy Note 3

#Aviate looks great. Now just to wait for my invite to come in so I can give a try.

If anyone has one let me know. 

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