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Star Wars (the movie formerly know as Episode 1) was the first movie I saw at an indoor theater (pause to consider). It was the movie theater, giant for it's time, on campus at +Western Kentucky University. #gohilltoppers

#MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay
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I've never actually seen any of the trilogy or prequels in a theater or small screen. I've only seen various stills and clips over the years. Yes I know it's odd for even a geek dilettante such as myself to have never seen Star Wars. However my exposure to nerd culture has taught me two things. (1) George Lucas keeps changing the movies and (2) fans are very passionate about that. All you have to do is say something like "If you don't like the Star Wars universe now just wait, sooner or later George Lucas will change it again." and stand back. i once had a long "conversation" with a dude in Starbucks about this, in which my side of the dialog was merely pushing that button every time he came up for air. I'm pretty sure that he left convinced that I was a true aficionado.

I cannot recall the first movie I saw in an indoor theater, but the first movie I saw in a drive in was The Outlaw Josey Wales. By mentioning both of those things I have probably ruined my chances to pass as a millennial on social media.
Oh, Paul. I don't think you ever had a shot at being a millennial.
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