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Pinterest does seem to work like a giant product catalog. Seems that it's nothing new that product images boost sales. It's like Sharper Image, Sears, JC Penney, JCrew, and [add your favorite] catalogs all rolled in to one.

Being valued at 1.5 billion sounds good. I'd sell, if I were them and could find a buyer. While they have an awesome thing going, is there anyone in their league who is as vulnerable to an overnight collapse as them (re: copyright laws) ?
Pinterest users not only buy the products they pin, but spend more on average than their Facebook counterparts, according to new data from Shopify.
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I am not seeing much traffic from it. Not sure there is much value in my time spent there. Yet, anyway.
Considering what's happening to Facebook's share price, which fairly or not immediately coincides with their 1 billion purchase of +Instagram , and the public's fickle history with social networks Id say take the money and run, not walk, all the way to the bank ala Mark Cuban after the sale of to +Yahoo!. However considering the history and Pinterest's duplicabilty you gotta wonder if may already be too late. After all how many more impulsive billionaires can there be, especially one's that don't have boards or shareholders to answer to?
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