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Since any screen (monitor, laptop, mobile device, or TV) is a light source, understanding the RGB color space is important. While it represents a small portion of the human color gamut, the sRGB color space is still the common denominator.
The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model dates back to 1860 and the Young-Helmholtz trichromatic theory of color vision. In fact, all color models are tied to human color vision. Color models that define a light source, such as...
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Colorblind Pro version 1.1.1 is now in beta channel. The release features the addition of the Machado-Oliveira-Fernandes (MOF) model. While the BVM and MDWW models are based on the Helmholtz theory of color vision, the MOF model is based on the Stages theory of color vision. The MOF model also follows the replacement theory for anomalous trichromatic vision, and not the missing cone theory. This allows for much better simulation of partial loss.
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Released to main channel this morning. Now, I can focus on testing models
with FM DK-15. FM-100 raised additional questions that require more
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Gamma is one those little known factors in color simulation. Yet, it plays an important role. Gamma values have radically changed since the initial simulation studies. Operating systems and the Web have dramatically improved their handling of images, and now handle system gamma. Do models still need to make gamma adjustments?
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Rods and cones are just part of the retina layer of the eye. 
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The article is a bit long, but it is worth taking the time to read, and absorb, the entire article.
If you have ever lost a loved one to suicide, you know the tremendous amount of pain it causes. Years ago, I survived a suicide attempt and spent years receiving treatment in rehab centers and psychiatric hospitals. Now a psychiatric nurse, I have also spend many years working in mental health services. In my experience, nobody commits suicide because they want to die, they commit suicide because they want the pain in their lives to go away... By...
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Testing Colorblind Simulation models is an interesting challenge. A model should simulate human responses to the test conditions. Yet, only one model passed all the tests. I have not found another article that tests the output of the simulation models. This article is just the beginning. More test are coming.
Accurate in what sense? The colors produced in an image do not determine accuracy, for we know that color is an illusion. What counts is the ability to discriminate between different shades of color. We do not know the color ...
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Version 1.1.0 of Colorblind Simulator is now live. This version adjusts the color according to the surrounding brightness. The factor is called gamma. A gamma value of 1.0 is for bright surrounding light. a value of 1.25 is for dim surroundings, and 1.5 for dark surroundings. My app is the only app that allows automatic gamma variation based on the brightness setting for the device. A new level of accuracy in colorblind simulation. 
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While the previous article provided an overview of the physiology of the retina, this article tackles the concept of the illusion of color vision. Again it is an introduction to a vast topic.
Just as the universe is not bound to the human construct of three dimensions, the universe does not have color. As Peter Gouras states in "Webvision: The organization of the Retina and Visual System": "Color vision is an ill...
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I released version 1.0.7 of my Colorblind Simulator app to Google Play and Amazon this morning. Version 1.0.7 completes my original vision of 1.0.x, with a few additions.

While testing the app with a Bluetooth keyboard, I tested an alternate means of navigation via entering URLs in the Chrome browser. It does not work in Amazon's Silk browser. If you have the app installed, the links at the bottom of the attached page should work.
Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) alters how an individual perceives colors. The severe forms of CVD are known as color blindness. Colorblind individuals are unable to distinguish different colors depending on the type of color blindness. Individuals with partial color loss are often unable to ...
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Currently writing technology articles for my Android News for Costa Rica website. Developing Colorblind Simulator apps for Android consumes most of my time.
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