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This guy needs a round of applause

+John Kim is getting his school in LA to move to Ubuntu. By that, he means an all-in move across all systems, and he has managed to get his school administration discussing about it.

Why does it deserve applause? Because change belongs to those who dare to propose it. I myself never dared to even propose anything like this, but he's doing it.
There's this thing about students: they take technology for granted. It's nothing too disheartening, except for the tech-savvy ones who seem that technology is more than a commodity. The 21st ...
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My school has only ONE computer running on 12.04,lol :))))
It is always worth throwing your hat in the ring - at least then you'll know the answer, one way or another.

When the Federal Government gave Shared Services Canada a mandate to streamline IT and save money, I collected a few pertinent links from around the web, and forwarded them on to Canonical, with a bit of information about what we use in my organization (I am part of the Government).

A few days later, I received a phone call from +David Levin and we had a great chat about what he was doing to position Ubuntu as a viable choice for the Canadian Government's needs.

That was back in the early fall of 2011, I am not sure what has transpired since then (well, we're still stuck on Windows XP at work, so nothing significant for the end user yet!) - I should get in touch with David again to see how things are going.
Yes it takes guts to even propose such a change, especially when even final years CS grads laughs at you for using a toy OS like ubuntu.
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