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There, it's official. Gnome-control-center has been forked by the systems team, and 12.10 onwards will come with ubuntu-control-center.

Also, in related news, gnome-contacts will be installed by default, clutter will be on the CD, totem will be updated to the latest version, and Ubuntu 12.10 should ship with a near-complete GNOME 3.6 stack (sans Shell, of course, and control-center).
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Similar to gnome-contacts, any plans to untagle the calendar indicator menu from Evolution?
Any insight on what particular changes does the ubuntu-control-center fork come with?
+Alberto Salmerón Moreno Most importantly, support for subsections written in Python, etc. Right now, clicking on the Ubuntu One icon opens up a new window, and we don't want that to happen. Also, there's the whole revamp of the Appearance dialog, that now includes Unity-specific settings too.
The changes to control center probably won't be much more than we already have in the gnome-control-center that is in 12.04, it is only a fork in the sense of how we maintain the patches. Our patches have become too hard to manage as-is, so forking means it is easier to rebase on upstream as needed.
Just to clarify, the Ubuntu default install won't include several pieces of GNOME: Boxes, Documents, Epiphany, Evolution, GDM, Tracker, the Cantarell font, and of course Shell/Mutter. They'll be available for install like usual though.
+Jeremy Bicha I guessed the reader would assume that, since I actually meant Ubuntu will have a near complete stack in the repos.
Will the larger Gnome community be able to make use of improvements UCC will make?
+Swapnil Bhartiya Technically yes, since both projects will be open source, they can copy the code simply without getting trapped in a Google-Oracle like lawsuit.
Ubuntu's System Settings will also use the same license as GNOME's. We have some pretty large patches in System Settings now that attempt to provide a more vanilla unpatched experience for GNOME Shell users while at the same time tuned for the look and functionality wanted by the Ubuntu designers and developers for the Unity session. Splitting the two just makes it more clear. I see it as more of a patched gnome-control-center than a fork.

We do have a bit of a problem where Ubuntu designers have a vision for System Settings and GNOME has a vision, but those visions are different and I'm not sure how willing the GNOME designer-developers are interested in several of Ubuntu's patches. There are other patches though that should be integrated into GNOME though.
Are the gnome-c-c developers aware of the technical reasons for this fork? Obviously things like Ubuntu specific settings panels have no place upstream, but Python bindings and a public API for external c-c- panels might be worth discussing again.
Here is a link to a thread where some of the changes have been discussed.

The short story is Ubuntu wants to include all system settings in control-center, but upstream GNOME's vision for g-c-c is to only allow the panels that is part of the GNOME experience to be embedded.

There are of course more changes, some of them we are already working with upstream to get merged. As I said before, this isn't a "new" fork, it is primarily to make it easier to manage our patches and we'll want to rebase often. Nobody wants to carry patches, but it is two projects with different visions and we are working to find a simpler way to manage that.
+Art Cancro O hai there! You know what? It will continue to be updated for each GNOME release, and merges from gnome-c-c will continue to be made. That's fragmentation, isn't it?
Wow Ubuntu's pretentiousness gets more unbearable by the day. +Bilal Akhtar, you should be ashamed to work for such a sleazy company. Not only does it bastardize other people's hard work, it re-brands everything as "Canonical and nobody else created Linux."

I'm genuinely curious, do you really think that Unity is usable software, at all? ("Do lunatics know they're crazy?") For example, open the Control Center in Ubuntu 12.04. Can you genuinely call that usable, by any standards? The 9-dots-button replaced by [All Settings] that is for some reason absorbed with the sub-category button?

For the first time, I realize how outdated the English language is, because I cannot find words to express how just bad Unity is. Just imagine this: If I ever meet Mark Shuttleworth in real life, I would not hesitate to spit on his face.
+Okung Nyo I'm really ashamed to be working for a company that revolutionized desktop Linux and made it easy-to-use for the masses. I'm ashamed to be working for the company who's putting time, money and effort into a free software project, not to mention the vast amount of design work being done by the designers, something which is rare for FOSS projects. I'm ashamed to be working on an operating system that is the ONLY one to attempt at breaking the MS/Apple monopoly in the desktop market, and also got recognized by MS as a "strong competitor".

I'm ashamed to have shaken hands with a person who decided to spend millions of $ on an open source project when he could have started an "evil" proprietary software organization and earned WAY more money than he is earning now.

And, I'm pleased to see your constructive and inspiring comment.

(sarcasm mode off)
I'd be even more pleased if you cat'd your comment into /dev/null.
+Bilal Akhtar Wow the Kool-Aid must be delicious huh?

"revolutionized desktop Linux"

"made it easy-to-use for the masses"
I give you one point.

"design work being done by the designers"
Do you sincerely believe that Unity is well-designed? Pull anyone off the streets and tell them to choose between that dung-colored-Unity and the blue-GNOME-Shell.

"ONLY one to attempt at breaking the MS/Apple monopoly in the desktop market"
You are crazy man, just batshit insane. After seven years, Ubuntu is still nowhere. If anything is an attempt to breaking Microsoft's hold on computing, it's Android.

"and also got recognized by MS as a "strong competitor".
I can recognize an ant as a competitor to my love interest. Does that mean anything?

"I'm ashamed to have shaken hands with a person who decided to spend millions of $ on an open source project when he could have started an "evil" proprietary software organization and earned WAY more money than he is earning now."
Mr. Shuttleworth hasn't done anything for the open source community. All his "open source" contributions are Ubuntu-only projects that are "open source" only in theory. No other distribution can use Canonical-software unless they are built exactly like Ubuntu, which defeats the purpose of being a different distro. All his attempts to build an Ubuntu Phone, Ubuntu Tablet, and Ubuntu TV are proof that he is attempting to proprietary-ize Linux.

But nothing I say will convince you otherwise. Because obviously you've "shaken hands" with The Man and that immediately voids all counter-arguments. Right?

I think I'm going to be sick.
Then you started forking everything and building abominations like Unity that everyone hates.

[Citation Needed]
Also, if you don't like it, don't use it. Canonical isn't charity anyway.
Hmm, I know quite a bunch of people that do not work for Canonical and love Unity. ... Starting with my 63 years old grandma :)
+Bilal Akhtar

[Citation Needed]
"forking everything"
The entire existence of Canonical.
"everyone hates"
Maybe not know, just as Microsoft is not hated by some people...people who work for Microsoft. /cough

"Also, if you don't like it, don't use it."
I don't. I use Windows 7 (for non-Linux apps and games) and Fedora 17. And believe me, I never knew Fedora was so smooth and so bloat free: no Unity, no Ubuntu One, no half-assed hacks that break the system, no OpenOffice!! A simple OS as GNOME intended it.

"Canonical isn't charity anyway."
Wow. You do realize that you are undermining--not supporting--your argument? That Canonical isn't a charity is proof that it is using open source to further its own interests. Thank you for proving me right.
I tried gnome contacts a little while back, and it still seems very buggy. Gnome online accounts, gnome-contacts, and empathy still seem like beta quality software to me, I like them in theory, but noticed problems and bugs with them. First thing I do when I install ubuntu is uninstall all of them and install pidgin. /rant
your changes are designed to improve the Ubuntu/Unity experience for the millions of current and future Ubuntu/Unity users out there - so thanks for communicating, Bilal. I reckon it's best to ignore such detractors who want to criticise Canonical at any opportunity - and i'm sorry you had to bear that.
And months later, we are on the same debate again, sigh...

Ubuntu has 20 million desktop users, and I'm willing to bet at maximum 1-3 million of them use kubuntu/etc. So that means around 17-19 million Unity users.

Just go and see the polls. The vast majority of users like Unity. And even the ones who don't, should just be happy with their alternative DE (Xfce, GS, etc) instead of mindless hate.
yes, yes, yes +Art Cancro we all trust you ... Unity is evil, microsoft created product that has the only purpouse of taking Linux down once at for all.
However Ballmer's mean plan won't succeed because apparently there isn't a single user of Unity out there, that has be written countess of time on all Linux blogs out there.
In fact Unity is so disgraceful that people that even consider using it are chased by the law and when caught they are applied capitol punishment via brazen bull.
Unity is exciting because its a truely modern dock with 3D vector graphics using OpenGL embedded, with touch, and suitable for post-PC devices as well as desktop, i.e. phones, tablets, TV, IVI, IFE. Understandably Canonical want to address all these "screens" as best they can. It's amazing feat that such a new desktop has delivered what it has in 12.04 - and clearly they aren't standing still. 
You can find rage threads like that about EVERY desktop environment...I certainly like unity :)

also that second link you posted is dumb, his pc froze and he had no backup. A freeze can happen for any number of reasons, not necessarily unity's fault, and even so you should have backups for things like that. Your posts amount to nothing but immature trolling, and I won't be replying to any more of them :p
+Georgi Karavasilev Let me guess, you are under the age of 20? I am not saying this as an insult, but grow up. And when you do, (and realize that Transformers is not the best movie ever made) you will realize that Unity from a design standpoint, is atrocious. It simply breaks every single HIG out there and is bafflingly, sometimes incredibly, backwards. I could have made a better UI with my hands tied behind my back.
Is the control-center still under active development, will it be ready for 13.04 and when will we see a public preview?
And iwant to say: Unity is great and i love it. Don't be angry, thats only my opinion :)
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