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Amazon's N. Virginia AWS region went down, and I spent an hour reading complaints on Twitter. Many of them were like "Instagram has become too mainstream, appears I need to move to another service" and " My Instagram is down! People at Starbucks including me can't drink latte until we post an image of it!"

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Nah, AWS offers more flexibility and their pricing structure is better, so no.
I've been at Starbucks since 6am and still haven't drink my latte waiting for Instagram to come back.

Did it come back? I'm still here!!!!

+Melvin Garcia Instagram is down if you're accessing it from Starbucks. They get so many hits from Starbucks that they had to block Starbucks users in order to restore service for the rest of the masses.

Solution: Drink your latte, come back home and then you can access it :)

I can't get back home without posting a picture of my latte on teh Instagram!

I wanted my latte to get in the popular page! :(
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