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My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.
My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.


With the current Pocket web beta, deleting any saved article is more tedious than it should be.

1. I have to hover the mouse cursor on the ... menu button.
2. Menu pops up. I have to move the cursor to the "delete" option and click it.
3. A confirmation dialog pops up, quite far from current cursor position. So, I have to again move the cursor to that button and click delete.

Can you please make the most frequently used buttons always visible under the article cards? A single click should do it. And instead of asking for delete confirmation - show a "undo" bar for ~10 seconds at the bottom of the page.

Another feedback - most of the time I like to read the saved the articles in their original website. I see I can still do that by clicking the article's site's name in the card. But Pocket seems to have somehow disabled opening them in background tab. I used to ctrl+click to open the articles in background tab. That no longer works in Pocker web beta. Please re-enable that.

Lastly, any plans to bring the narration feature to web?

Thanks & Regards,

F-Stop v5.1.0b2, on Pixel 2XL running Stock Android Pie.

F-Stop is having issues in remembering folder thumbnail setting. Say for example I had set a custom thumbnail for a folder some time in the past. I then changed the thumbnail to a different custom one every few months.

Today, I long press the folder and tap "revert thumbnail" in the menu. It resets the thumbnail to the last photo that was added to the folder. This is correct behavior.

But as soon as I pull down to refresh or go inside a folder and come back out, the folder's thumbnail is set back to one of the earlier custom one. Not the last custom one I had set, but a few times earlier. I've already cleared app cache and rebooted the phone, but same issue continues.

Could you please check?

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Hi. Any ideas how do I check what's causing these errors?

My feature request would be to make these popups more user-readable. Instead of raw log, let users know which profile/task/action is having problem.

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Having bunch of issues with the Chrooma keyboard on my Pixel 2XL running Android Pie.

1. When I tap the clipboard icon, I get a tower of blank cards. See attached screenshot. I do have a bunch of text copied and I'm able to paste last copied text using the paste button. But nothing shows up in the clipboard.

2. When I tap GIF button, I get "no connection" and loading spinner which never finishes.

3. When I tap "proofread", the keyboard crashes.
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I keep hearing Google Home responds to individual user's voice and provides answer customized to them. Then why does my Google Home Mini keeps getting triggered during the #MadeByGoogle presentation when the presenter says "Hey Google"? Shouldn't it get triggered by ONLY my voice?

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My watch received the recent WearOS update that adds swipe gestures to all 4 edges of the watch. And yet, the is version details say "Android Wear" and patch level is from 2017!

Was this not an os update?

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Question related to Android Pie -

Pixel 2XL, stock Android Pie September patch.

When my phone has both WiFi and Mobile Data enabled but the WiFi isn't connected to anything because I'm on road, the phone doesn't switch to using mobile data at all..!! i.e. it keeps trying to use WiFi and failing.

In Android Setting > System > Developer Options, I do have "Mobile Data always active" enabled. I remember there used to be another toggle here saying "Aggressive WiFi to cellular data handover", but that's no longer here.

When I search "data" in android settings, it shows a result saying "use mobile data when wifi has no internet access." But tapping it takes me to "WiFi Preferences" settings page, where there's no such option or toggle.

Did Android Pie removed all these options or am I missing something?
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For tasker to detect whether I'm connected to WiFi or not, I need to have location services enabled..!!? Google's gone mad.

Pixel 2XL, stock Android Pie.

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[Sorry, I had to delete the earlier post as it didn't let me add the screerecord after the post was already submitted.]

I think this is probably an android bug and not Tasker bug, but still sharing here in case it is a tasker thing and someone is able to help me.

I typically keep mobile data turned off and my network mode is set to 2G. I have a Tasker profile for switching the network mode to LTE when I enable data and switching it back to 2G, when I turn off data.

This is the profile -
Triggered via - State: Data Enabled
Task - Custom Setting: Type Global, set preferred_network_mode1 to 10.
Exit task - Custom Setting: Type Global, set preferred_network_mode1 to 1.

The profile "works" but doesn't "take effect". That is, when I turn on data, Tasker notification tells me that the profile is now active. But the network icon in the notification bar still shows E (for EDGE), and speed is sluggish even few minutes after the data enabling. But when I go to Android Settings > Network > Mobile Network, "Preferred Network type" shows LTE and then the network icon in notification bar changes to LTE.

i.e. I have to manually go to the settings page for that setting to take effect.

So... is that a tasker thing or android thing?

Pixel 2XL, stock Android Pie September patch, Magisk.

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Hi. How do I figure out which profile or task is causing these errors shown at the launch of Tasker? Note - I don't have any profile or task that does anything based on notification content. Hence, not sure why it is complaining about notification access.

Pixel 2XL, stock Android Pie, Magisk.
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