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Bikram Agarwal
My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.
My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.

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In the app drawer, when I scroll / flick from bottom to top, the page stutters, as seen in the screen record.

Nova Launcher 5.1.1 with Prime.

Note - Even though the screen record is done on Nexus 6P, running Android O Public Beta, I had the same stutter when I was running stock Android 7.1.2 too.

Is a web client in the works?

Nexus 6P, when I had stock Android 7.1.2 running on it.

I have sRGB mode enabled in Android settings > developer options. I also scheduled Night Shift in FKU. Once the display goes through the night shift cycle (starts at 8 PM, ends at 8 AM), FKU doesn't restore the stock sRGB mode. I get the stock non-sRGB display restored when night shift ends.

Would it be possible to restore the sRGB mode at the end of Night Shift?

Nexus 6P, Stock Android O Public Beta, Magisk-v13-170517.

FKU prompts me to flash the fk-r51 on it. I thought fk doesn't support O yet. Thoughts?

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The operation progress circle is off-center. See the screenshot. The green thing isn't aligned properly with the fab.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android O Public Beta.

Did anyone flash the latest O Public Beta 1 (DP2) on their Nexus 6P?
Is TWRP / SuperSU-v2.79-SR4 working on it?

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With last few versions of ML, the Calendar box shows a narrow white band at the right side. See the screenshot.

Also, the Add Transaction window is now a floating card and is very narrow, instead of taking up full width of the screen. 😡

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7.1.2 May.

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Got these questions in Google Opinion Rewards Survey just now.
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Thanks for adding tag system. Tagging any app is kinda twisted though. I have create the tag first, go to that tag's page and add apps to it. Can you add a "Edit Tag" icon on each app's floating card too? It would be easier to tag any app.
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