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If you want awesome substratum theme then you have come for the right place. Giving away 15 codes for best substratum theme by dev +Paolo Giubilato​ [substratum] destiny theme

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• [Substratum] Destiny Theme is only for [Substratum] and [Substratum Legac...
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Bikram Agarwal

Battery Talk  - 
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No way to get rid of that.

The qpnp ones are part of the system, you can't touch them.
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Bikram Agarwal

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My first 10 cats. Caught 6 today itself. How many do you guys have?
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Just caught my 100th I don't even no why I'm doing this lol
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Bikram Agarwal

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Bumping an earlier bump. This is not a "nice to have" feature request. This is a critical bug. How the devs don't even acknowledge it, is beyond me.
I had added these two recruiting transactions to one of my wallets 4 months ago. And yet, these don't create a transaction entry in the wallet when the date goes by every month.

Also, these two show up only on the phone I had created on. They don't show up on other devices where I'm using MoneyLover.
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Bikram Agarwal

Bug Reports  - 
I have Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7, SuperSu v2.78, franco kernel r31. Greenify v 2.95 beta 1.

I have the donation package installed and activated. I have set the Working Mode to Root. From time to time, Greenify keeps throwing a notification saying "ROOT privilege required, please grant the privilege or switch the working mode." I have alrady granted it permanent root privilege and SuperSu shows it does still have root.
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No update to N, everything working great
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Bikram Agarwal

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Exactly one year ago. #ThrowbackThursday
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+Bikram Agarwal My phones are always in some silicon case, so other than aesthetics I really do not care.
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Bikram Agarwal

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Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7, SuperSu 2.78-SR1, franco kernel r31.

Does these screenshots tell you anything about what kept the device awake for 3 hours while the screen was off?
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Bikram Agarwal

Bug Reports  - 
When I have tabs active in app drawer, a thin red line shows up below the tabs.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7. Nova 5.0-beta1
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You can change the color from Nova Settigns > App & widget drawers > Scroll accent color.
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Bikram Agarwal

Bug Reports  - 
I want the new google search widget on my main page only and not persistent across all pages. So, I add it to the screen from the widgets page. But this widget doesn't touch the two side edges of the screen, since I have width padding set to medium. And the widget doesn't have its own padding option when I long press it; like all other widgets.

It would be great if I can keep screen width padding set to medium and long press the widget to remove padding from that widget.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7 Public.
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Bikram Agarwal

Discussion  - 
When I first launch the app and select to apply the recommended settings, the app crashes.

Here's the log -

Tweaking minfree, cost & MFK values... 09-13-2016 12:01:18
Trim settings disabled 09-13-2016 12:01:18
Service killer disabled 09-13-2016 12:01:18
Smart adjust manager disabled 09-13-2016 12:01:18
Enabled simpler memory management system 09-13-2016 12:01:18
backgroundAppLimit=29 09-13-2016 12:01:18
minFreeKbytes=9025 09-13-2016 12:01:18
Balanced RAM manager profile for 2799 mb devices successfully applied... 09-13-2016 12:01:18

Activating SD speed tweak... 09-13-2016 12:01:19
Your device doesn't support external SD Card 09-13-2016 12:01:19

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7, SuperSu 2.78, franco kennel r31.
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+Bikram Agarwal Disable cleaner on boot, and all should be ok
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Bikram Agarwal

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Is Play Store broken on Android N? I keep having one or the other issue with Play Store on N; after flashing the N public image on my factory reset N6P. Earlier it asked me to buy apps I've already purchased. Now when I'm trying to buy a new app, it says "need to sign in" even when I'm already signed in. I already cleared the cache and data twice.
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I'm still having this issue. I had bought Over more than a year ago. Tried to reinstall now, it asked me to pay, I clicked Install from desktop chrome, it installed on phone and this is how it looks on phone's play store. As if I have just purchased it. When I tap Refund here, it says "can't refund right now. Try uninstalling later".
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Bikram Agarwal

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I've been living in this town since last 5 years and Apna Bazar is my grocery store of choice. There's another Indian Grocery store nearby but I've found that their stuff is almost always nearing expiry dates. Apna Bazar gives a 10% discount if my total bill is $100+, which it always is, since I shop in bulk once a month. That's a plus.
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I've been going to this place since last 3 years. It's nothing great but I didn't have any complains either. But yesterday ruined it for me. I had done online check-in and right before I started from home, it said I have 7 minute wait time. But when I reached Great Clips, they said they don't see any check-in for me. I had to wait 65 minutes; just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. Then my turn came, I asked the stylist to cut my hair short. Looks like she wanted to get rid of me asap, because of the rush. She used buzzcut and before I knew it, I was left with 1-2 inches of hairs on my head. She was done with me in 5 minutes. I was too shocked to say anything. I even left a 15% tip. I kept assuring myself - "it's not THAT bad". I didn't look in the mirror the whole day, hoping when the shock wears off, it'll look fine. But nope. It's ruined. My head looks like a coconut shell now. I'll be the butt of so many jokes for months to come. Thanks Great Clips.
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Free guacamole. Yayy.
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