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Bikram Agarwal
My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.
My 3 vices - Tech. Music. Beauty.

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This alert has started popping up since March update. Several times every day. I keep my location service off, by choice. Annoying af. Anyone else?

First of all - Absolutely love the app. I want to use the app as event countdown app. These are my suggestions -

1. Let me import events from my Google / device calendar, instead of having to create events from scratch.

2. Let me set multiple custom reminders, per event. I might want to be reminded 10 minutes, a day or a week before the event is scheduled to occur.

3. A dark theme.

4. Looks like the app is prevent the keyboard from using auto capitalization. The keyboard stays in lower case even after a fullstop / period. Yes, apparently apps where the typing is being done controls that.

5. On the event creation window, add a "Done / Cancel" button.

Hope you find these suggestions useful.

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The date selector is not aligned properly. (White border on the right side).

Nexus 6P, Android 7.1.1 Mar.

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On the Windows native app, the scrollbar in the navigation drawer (the bar with all wallets listed and where we can see Transactions, Debts, Trends etc icons) doesn't show up anymore. Since I have a bunch of wallets, the options go beyond the bottom of the screen and I have no way of reaching them.

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My first ever windows style glitch in android.

The clipboard function in Chrooma (v4.2.1-minAPI21) is either not working properly or I'm missing something. I've set Clipboard as the Left Suggestion button

1. I copied a bunch of text from whatsapp and messenger and gmail. And then I tapped the clipboard icon on the keyboard. An empty clipboard pops up..!! Where are all the stuff I just copied? Stuff did get copied to clipboard since I am able to paste the last item I had copied. Just that Chrooma clipboard isn't showing anything.

2. Sometimes the clipboard button randomly disables itself. Tapping on it just makes that click noise but nothing happens. The clipboard panel doesn't even pop up. Even when there is stuff in clipboard (i.e. I can paste stuff via the action row)

3. One day I randomly tapped the clipboard icon and saw a huge endless list of copied items. There should be a setting to delete stuff from clipboard after set amount of time; say 24 hours or 2 days or something. Don't let it keep growing indefinitely.

4. Once I pin any number of items in clipboard panel, clear all shouldn't delete them. Clear all should delete only unpinned items.

5. I added few dongers as phrases in personal dictionary and assigned shorts to them. I assigned shrgg to ¯\(ツ)/¯ , lofd to ಠ_ಠ etc. But when I type those shortcuts in the keyboard, the expanded saved phrases aren't showing up in suggestions.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7.1.1 January. 

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When I try to place a new quick settings tile by dragging it up from the options, it keeps vanishing from under my thumb randomly and doesn't cross the barrier. I'm not lifting my thumb during the drag.

Nexus 6P, Android 7.1.1 Feb, Franco kernel r47, SuperSu 2.79-SR2. 

The Neural Action Row doesn't really work most of the time.

For example, when I type the $, the Neural Action Row should show numbers. But it doesn't. When I write any word like birthday, sad, LoL etc, the Neural Action Row should show those emojis. It doesn't.

Please let me know if you need me to send any detail or get you some log for this.

Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7.1.1 February. Running latest beta of Chrooma.
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