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Bike Hugger

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Bike by Pink Floyd appeared on their debut album.
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Producer Joe Boyd discovered PF and Nick Drake. This excellent memoir tells the tale:
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Scott Addict CX

It's been way too long that +SCOTT Sports hasn't had a CX bike comparable to their competition; well, now they do... 

Scott's designers took what they knew from the Addict and the Solace (bikes we love) and blended them together to produce the all new SCOTT Addict CX. 

As soon as we ride this, reports to follow. We expect a fast, quick bike that takes the hits. What we know now is three models will ship to the US

* Addict CX 10 Disc                 $5899
* Speedster CX 10 Disc           $1699
* Speedster CX 20 Disc           $1199
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+Mark Turner Just for Scott, everyone else had a disc bike -- there's no real numbers or sales in CX, enough to move the needle that is and Scott, being Swiss just rolled out successive new bikes and finally got to CX. They don't make a bad bike, like any top tier manufacture. And yes, they'll work in the rain. With road disc, you'll just need to deal with the noise when they get wet. The reason road disc took so long is discussed at length on my blog in at least 25 posts or so. See the most recent one for the biggest reason, which is the UCI's approval
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Started the weekend early with the +Trek Bicycle 920.
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A profile of the legendary builder Bruce Gordon and brought to you by Kitsbow.
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Video from Milan Design week of the KODO concept track bike.
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Trek Updates Farley

There was a time, not so long ago, when Fatbikes were a tinkerer's niche of a niche. Now a full category, +Trek Bicycle just iterated theie Farley to accommodate 5˝ tires and a variety of wheel sizes. 

With these photos, Trek sent out a Farley FAQ....

What has changed on the MY16 Farley? 
New carbon and alloy models have been redesigned with 197mm rear spacing to accept wider 5” tires or the new 27.5 x 4” tires, and we’ve managed to do this without sacrificing the pedaling performance of the Farley. Thanks to the new PF121 bottom bracket, the q-factor remains unchanged despite the greater tire clearance. 
The Farley 9.8 will be one of the lightest mainline fat bikes on the market.

Are those new rigid forks?
Farley 5 features a new alloy fork that saves 250 grams over the previous fork. There is a new light weight 600-gram carbon fork with an alloy steerer on Farley 7 and 9.6. Farley 9.8 gets a new carbon fork with a carbon steerer. At 550 grams, it’s among the lightest carbon forks on the market.

What’s the weight of the carbon frame?
1300 grams for a size 17.5

Are those carbon wheels on the Farley 9.8?
Yes. The Farley 9.8 has a new carbon wheel called the Wampa. It’s a hookless bead and is ready to go tubeless out of the box so you can have the lightest fat bike out there.

What’s the rear hub spacing?
The new Farley is 197mm to accommodate 5” tires. That’s increased from the previous Farley that was 177mm rear hub spacing for 4” tires.

What’s the story with the new 27.5” x 4” fat bike wheel system? Is it really that much bigger? Why would I want it? 
The outer diameter of 27.5x4 and 26x5 wheel system (wheel + tire) are within a couple of millimeters of each other. A wider 26x5 wheel system offers the most capability in loose terrain. The 27.5x4 wheel system offers a faster solution great for groomed snow singletrack and dirt trails.

Do all models accept 26x5 or 27.5x4 wheel systems?
Yes. The Stranglehold Dropout is a horizontal sliding dropout that can be fine-tuned to accept both wheel systems.

Who will have 27.5x4 aftermarket wheels? Tires?
Wheels: Sun Ringle already has 27.5x80mm rims available. Other manufacturers will be coming out with 27.5 fat wheels as well.    
Tires: Bontrager, Kenda and Maxxis will offer 27.5x4 and there will be more to come as the popularity of 27.5x4 increases

If 27.5x4 and 26x5 are nearly the same outer diameter, why do you need a sliding horizontal dropout?
Fat bikes are ridden on a variety of terrain. There versatility is what makes them so appealing. A longer wheelbase works great on loose, uneven terrain like loose snow or primitive terrain. A shorter wheelbase works great on groomed singletrack or dirt singletrack.

What is the bottom bracket width? Did the q-factor increase?
It is a press-fit 121mm bottom bracket, but the Q-factor did not increase over the MY15 Farley.

Will Farley be available as a frameset?
Yes. There will be a carbon frame with carbon fork/carbon steerer offered as a frameset later in the year.

Availability timing?
September 1 for the alloy models and October 1 for the carbon models.
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Found out the thin wheels are no good in dirt or snow.
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A 'bent bike with a roll cage...needs airbags.
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That prototype chain tho!

Not sure if sandals and a beard are required or just recommended. 
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DZR Mechanics

The Mechanic, with it’s perforated vegan toe cap and ballistic nylon side panels makes for an unassuming California deck shoe with authentic classic status.


- NATURAL GUM RUBBER: Natural rubber is sticky, durable and provides optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.

- VARIABLE FLEX SHANK: DZR's feature technology A full-length nylon mid-sole/shank designed with strategically mapped stiffness for a combination of power transfer while pedaling and flexibility for walking.

- VEGAN: Keeping animals happy, one shoe at a time.

Available now for 99.00 from DZR shoes.

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Was waiting for this from Cosmo!
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bizzy mind games
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Bike by KODO Concept

Milan Design Week is happening now and as part of the car as art proceedings, Mazda share their KODO Concept track bike.

"Bike by KODO concept" is a track racer that seeks to express the innate beauty of the bicycle. Its minimalist structure is composed of the least possible number of parts. The frame was painstakingly formed by hammering a single sheet of steel and the black leather saddle is hand-stitched, featuring the same red thread and stitch design as the all-new Mazda MX-5. The bicycle's mixture of dynamism and allure is evocative of the Mazda MX-5's styling.

They unveiled a couch too...
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