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Tool Roll Prototype

Trying out a tool roll in the jersey pocket instead of a saddle bag. 
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I have it in my head that i'll make a tool bag to fit in the frame, behind the head tube, out of leather one day. I've got half a cow rolled up in the corner and a whole box of tools.

But then my carried tools keeps changing over time as my bike changes. :(

That looks pretty good.
This one is made with Filson cloth. Too bulky, but the first one. The next will get slimmer and solving a problem with saddlebags. Small to not strike your inner thighs, then hard to get into and not enough space. 
Saddle bag every time. Comfort and safety over style. 
This is a prototype, testing the pockets, shape and said above, too bulky for production. 
if you fall of the bike with that in your jersey pockets... you die
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