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Bike Parts by Drone?

You think Bezo's AirPrime will deliver your next bike part order?
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Wonder what the FAA thinks of this...
+Dan Saunders The FAA are a bunch of obtuse individuals who should be tossed out of their positions and allow future generations to decide what to do about the use of drones/UAVs regulations. The US is losing tens of millions of dollars of revenue and thousands of jobs waiting on their regulations.  Idiots!  
+Dan Saunders When you have Bezos money, it doesn't matter at all - Bezos can buy approval any time he likes.
Bezos also said to expect our cities would get designed for Segways and sold them exclusively. Also, for full disclosure, the parent company of Bike Hugger is a high-profile Amazon merchant. Don't expect our product to get delivered by drones.
Sure. That wasn't a legal hurdle. That was a "people didn't want the damn things" hurdle. There is no law you can't get in this country if you can write a big enough check. Period, end of discussion.
+Bike Hugger seems like a big stretch to say that because 'the immense sums of cash needed to specialize cities infrastructures and get people to radically change a casual mode of transportation" means having "uav's delivering packages" is just as unlikely to happen. ^^
No more than a 14 minute informercial for a fantasy product before cyber Monday. 
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