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C/C++ dependency manager
C/C++ dependency manager

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We're happy to share great news today about our open source roadmap #cpp #include 

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v5 of the Trompeloeil C++14 single header mocking framework has been tagged as stable on +biicode and is of course also tagged on

News in short:
VisualStudio 2015 RC works
Parameter matchers ne, gt, ge, le, lt included
Docs on how to write own parameter matchers
set_reporter() requires location as separte file, line parameters

#cpp   #tdd   #mocking   #cpp14   #cplusplus  

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July 2nd - Save the date! Live Webinar: A Tour of Modern C++ víaJetBrains CLion IDEe

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Linux Insides | Interrupts and Interrupt Handling. Part 3.

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CppMem: Interactive C/C++ memory model

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"Get rid of those boolean function parameters" - edA-qa mort-ora-y #cpp #cplusplus

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Time To Get Moving! by Tony DaSilva #cplusplus #cpp11

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