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I really hate Facebook, but if you do FB and G+ we've got a new BigSquidRC Group that you might enjoy. You can check it out here->
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FB sucks.
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What's kick'n in rc today? This->

* #hobbytown  is giving away a new #helion  dominus 10SCv2. Their contest ends today, hit our dot com for more info.

* Ever notice in our #carisma  car reviews we give them very low scores for parts availability? Well they are out to change that, they've opened a new on-line store so if your LHS doesn't stock Carisma parts, you still have a good option to get what you need.

* #yokomo  has a new trick looking drift car. It comes as a kit and should start shipping in a couple of weeks.

* ASK Cubby goes up later today, this week he talks about range on #spektrum  radios.

Have a great day! 
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We have several new vehicles in the #rcnews  today-

* #lrp   has announced their version 2 of the S10 Blast SC. The biggest news on the upgrade is the addition of "splashproof" electronics.

* We have posted coverage of the mud race from the #axialracing  RECON G6 that was held last weekend in St Louis Missouri.

* #kyosho  is all over the #murderedout  trend with their new #audi  R8. This is a 10th scale 4wd on their basic Fazer platform. Oh, it comes with a full set of drift wheels/tires to boot.

* #ofna  has a new on-roader as well, the Hyper GT. This is a big .28 powered nitro burner that comes with a 2 speed tranny to make sure you get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible.

* Our #vaterra  Halix hop-up series continues this week with a look at installing new adjustable tie-rods.
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Big Squid RC

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15 pictures from the #axialracing   Recon #g6  event last weekend in St Louis->
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Hello fellow hobbyists, here is some of the #rcnews  from today->

* The #losi  5ive-T was voted by you to be the winner of our March Bashness tournament! Thanks to all that voted, and congrats to the 5ive-T for being voted the baddest ass bash machine on the planet!

* Looking for an uber-ed out SCT? #murfdogg  has announced their new 2wd Physco sct. It has loads of carbon fiber and aluminum, and it comes with other goodies like ceramic bearings, MIP CVDs, and Pro-Line wheels/body too! Street price is close to $600.

* #jconcepts  has a new fully licensed 1972 Chevy C10 body for your #traxxas  Slash 4x4.

* #serpent  has announced their high-end 747-e electric 200mm touring car. This is their nitro rig converted over to electric, making for one beefy machine.

* Our #helion  10SCv2 review should be going up either later today or tomorrow, and we posted our review of the latest #axialracing  crawler yesterday.

* We have spent the last two days dialing in the #avc  on our review  #spektrum  DX4S. We installed it in our Pro-Line PRO2 buggy and have been learning a LOT about what can (and can't) be done with electronic stability assistance.

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Oh ya, time for the weekend!

* #azarashi  has a sweet look'n carbon fiber conversion kit for the #hotbodies  D413 buggy.

* #realflight  7 has a new update that includes 10 #quadcopter  challenges. Looks like a lot of fun, and the update is free to RF7 owners.

* Andrew and the crew over at #hobbyprousa  have announced a Pro Built version of their PS1 buggy. What does Pro Built mean? It means that one of the Hobby Pro guys right here in the USA will properly build the kit for you, complete with their latest team set-up.

* If you haven't put in your entry to win an #arrma  Granite BLX, here is the link to do so, it is completely painless I promise.

* The BSRC Bash Crew is out in full force this fine Easter weekend working on more reviews and generally getting out in the sun and pulling trigger. We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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Totally agree, and we haven't tried the new Quad Trials yet, but can't wait to check it out.
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News, news and more #rcnews  ...

* #prolineracing   has a trick new body called the Blockbuster. Can you mount a GoPro up on it? We shall soon know...

* #xpartus  is a new upgrade company on the scene and their first product is a carbon fiber kit for the #duratrax  nitro Nissan GTR and Camaro ZL1.

* Raging Rotors is up, this week Hot Sauce talks about prop balancing. 

* #xray  has released info on their '14 specification NT1 nitro touring car. Only a few changes here and there, but then it was already a spectacular car.

* Our full review of the #teamdurango  DETC410 goes up later today or tomorrow.

* #ecx  has updated their 2wd brushed vehicles with a LiPo ready ESC. Price goes up slightly on 3 of the models, the Boost buggy stays the same.

* Our coverage of the #axialracing   G6 held in St Louis last weekend is now up. You can learn a ton more about the event over on our dot com. 

* The latest installment on upgrading the #vaterra  Halix went up yesterday, this week is all about installing adjustable turnbuckles.

* Yes, we are crazy busy!

* Oh and... we are giving away a brand spank'n new #arrma  Granite BLX! Get your entry in right here-> 
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We are starting to recover from the G6 event, what a great time! Cool trucks, awesome people, it doesn't get much better.

In the #rcnews  today->

* #rc4wd  has some new spiked tires for your #tamiya  Clodbuster. Street price is $34 a pair.

* #prolineracing  is teasing their new 2013 Ram 1500 short course truck body. Can't wait for more pictures on this one.

* #kyosho  is also teasing today, they have announced the upcoming re-release of their original Scorpion buggy. The people who are big into vintage rcs should really love this one. 
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Oh HECK YA, welcome to the WeekEND!!!

* The #axialracing  G6 is in the STL this weekend. If you are in the area drop by and say hello to the Bash Crew. Cubby, Tim, Adam The Intern, and Doug The Scaler Guy will all be in attendance.

* #rc4wd  has some new gnarly looking 1.9 tires. These are a version 2 and are taller than the originals, which should come in quite handy in those deep mud sections.

* Our review for the #helion  10SCv2 is now up! We had a lot of fun bashing with it, and found it much harder to break than the original.

* #helimax  has a new quad called the 230Si. The 230 is not a small quad, comes with all the bells and whistles, and has a low street price of $149.

* #serpent  announced their latest nitro touring car, the 748. Lots of uber looking parts on this one.

We hope you have an incredible weekend!! We'll be busy at the G6 and also working on reviews for the Durango DETC410, a Spektrum AVC system, and another review that has to go unnamed for now.
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Hola Amigos and Happy Humpday! In #rcnews  ->

* #tamiya   has a new crawler called the Rock Socker. MSRP is a staggering $530.

* #prolineracing   recently did a write up on how to convert your #traxxas  Rally or Slash 4x4 over to an on-road machine. Their example looks pretty trick with a Raptor body and Striker SC tires.

* #dynamite  has new 80C Reaction series LiPo batteries. They come in 2, 3 and 4S, and prices start at $95.
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frank u
+Steve O'Connor right 
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