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Big Jason Henderson

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Start Your Own Software Business With Zero Experience and Ideas
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Big Jason Henderson

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@ActiveCampaign & ClickFunnels make sweet love..
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Big Jason Henderson

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The all new WebinarJam Studio launched today. I ditched GotoWebinar over a year ago in favor of hangouts and haven't looked back once. Biggest reasons? #1 - Easier for attendees #2 Easier for myself #3 Automatic HD recording immediately available for replay without worrying about the replay working or not. I've also used hangouts on 7 figure launches. If you can't do live hd streaming, hangouts are where it's at. Check it out at
Skeptics Will Tell You NO... They Will Show You How
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Big Jason Henderson

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Breakthrough Email Marketing Q & A
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Big Jason Henderson

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Find out why so many email marketers are sprinting to ActiveCampaign screaming bloody murder...
Why are so many email marketers sprint to ActiveCampaign screaming bloody murder?Reason #1 - Some ESPs (email service providers or autoresponder services) don't do enough to help you get the right message to the right person and require paid add-ons to do basic automation, segmentation, etc.If they do enough, it's time consuming and tough to figure out on your own...Reason #2 - If you use single optin, have zero subscriber complaints, and high en...
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Big Jason Henderson

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My good buddy, Dennis Dayman of Return Path, will be sharing how to get more of your emails into the inbox versus the spam folder. There is no replay so get free access here now.
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Big Jason Henderson

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3 Ways To Turn Warrior Forum Into Your Personal ATM with Bond Halbert, baby boy of Gary Halbert
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Big Jason Henderson

Shared publicly  - Email Image Magic @ does work with the custom html campaign of ActiveCampaign. It will soon work with the new Email Designer.
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Big Jason Henderson

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Don't Use Images in Emails - Tale of Email Sales Gone Horribly Wrong...
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Big Jason Henderson

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Why Email Marketers Are Sprinting to ActiveCampaign Screaming Bloody Murder...
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Big Jason Henderson

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Over 100 subscribers now (power users, newbies) in the ActiveCampaign Facebook users group. If you have questions about whether AC is right for you or how to use it's email marketing powers to the fullest, sign up for free at:
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Big Jason Henderson

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Many so-called email "experts" have said (and still say) doing one thing or not doing another will "kill" the response to your emails...

They do so without testing or tracking and thus... deceive you.

In fact, they're guessing and you're listening is what kills the response to your emails.

It's like Lionel Luther on one of my favorite TV shows, Smallville...

Lionel "assumed" since green kryptonite could kill Superman.... it could kill Bizarro too because he was created from Superman... (see Lionel attempting to do so in the attached image) 

Lionel only made Bizarro stronger and helped him kick Superman's ass.

Unfortunately, I see the same thing with email all too often... 

Here's what happened when a coaching student told some email "experts" to shove it...

"I've tested things in my emails based on suggestions by Big Jason even though email "experts" have told me not to do it. 

Jason's suggestions have had huge results, not only in clicks but sales as well."

Jim Clair, Copywriter
Denver, Colorado 

Most "experts" like to project their fears, failures and weaknesses onto everybunny else (like you)...

Here's an example where a pretty famous marketer (with an even more famous dad) said to hell with you and your assumptions... 

"Every email "guru" I know, warned against using one simple tactic which increased my click through rate 400%.

Only Jason said such a tactic would work.

Unlike almost all "so-called" email experts, Big Jason Henderson has what matters most... real life data and test results to back up what he teaches.

Big Jason has earned the Halbert Seal of Approval, and I follow his email marketing advice above all others."

Bond Halbert, Son of You Know Who...
Los Angeles, California

If you want to know what really works best in your emails (opposed to what the "experts" guess does), stay tuned for tomorrow.

Big Santa will be delivering a very special Christmas offer under your tree for Email Response Warrior

Feel free to private message me for an extra bonus....

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Email Marketing Consultant specializing in email marketing optimization, copywriting, deliverability, strategy, response, product launches, landing pages, testing and metrics.
email marketing, email copywriting, email strategy, product launches
  • Breakthrough Email Marketing
    Email Marketing Juggernaught, 1996 - present
  • Email Response Warrior
    Product Creator, Owner, 2012 - present
  • Main St Marketing Machines Fusion
    Product Launch Optimizer - Wrote all emails for launch, all affiliate emails and swipes, all optin video scripts, all sales video endings, optimized all landing pages and more..., 2011
  • The Elevation Group
    Product Launch Optimizer, 2011
  • SkyBuilder
    Product Launch Optimizer, 2012
  • Revolution Golf
    Head Email Copywriter and Product Launch Manager, 2012 - 2012
    6 months as their email copywriter and product launch manger. Lead two biggest launches in company history.
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Email Marketing Juggernaut
I could go on and on about how I've been practicing breakthrough email marketing since 1996, but I think the following speaks volumes...

"Anything about email, I'm calling Jason first"

John Carlton, Copywriting Legend and Client
Reno, NV

"The reason i bought…truthfully?

That sales letter kicked me where the sun don’t shine.

I’ve rarely seen legends in the copywriting world speak so highly of anyone…

And then there were the emails Jason sent me.

Long story short: Big Jason sent me some of the most sincere and cool emails I have ever received.

I’ve only seen one copywriter who had email marketing chops as good as Jason. Only one…and they’re neck and neck.

Anyways, takes a darn heck of a lot to impress me."

Daniel Sanchez, Direct Response Copywriter
Alberta, Canada

"When Big Jason joined Mindvalley, he sexed up our funnels with strategies, tools and insights I've never seen from anyone else.

Which is saying a lot, considering we've studied pretty much every email marketing book and program under the sun."

Omar Michael, Head Copywriter for MindValley 4+ Years
and responsible for over $20,000,000 in email and sales copy

"I was referred to you through Bond Halbert (Yes, the son of the legendary Gary) and in less than 2 hours, you gave away some information and pointed me in the right direction to resources that have improved my deliverabilty by a mere 500% in a week."

Michael Caruana
Gardena, CA

"I come from a direct response background (direct responses advertising, direct mail, telemarketing etc.) where list management, segmentation, personalization and tracking are like breathing.

I’ve been looking for a way to transfer that practice into online marketing as I move into this field. It seems to me to be a gaping hole in the on-line marketing mind-set.

You are the first I’ve seen to add the science to the art of marketing."

Desmond Egan
Ontario, Canada
Bragging rights
Certified over 4 times as Email Marketing Optimization professional, and landing page optimization specialist and online tester by MarketingExperiments/MecLabs. Doing email marketing since 1996 and have attended all 7 MarketingSherpa Email Summits (Including speaking one year).
  • MECLabs/MarketingExperiments
    Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Online Testing, 2005 - present
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