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Save the date!

We haven't kept it a big secret but go ahead and mark your calendars because we're making it officially official as of today.  The 2014 Big Android BBQ will be back at the Hurst conference center October 16-18!

Tickets aren't available just yet but stay tuned we'll announce when the launch date is #soon  .   #BABBQ5  
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I really wanna go this year. Sad I missed last year. +Aaron Kasten help me figure out a way to go
On my calendar. Sending our daughter off to college this year so I don't know what my burdget will allow, but if I can, I'd definitely like to make it out.
+Aaron Kasten, I can handle the transportation, I'd fly if it is work, if I have to go personal I will probably drive.

+Derek Ross, I don't want to take off, I want it to be work related.

Of course, once I get there I want to be able to hang out and stuff and not stuck at a booth.
Woohoo I am going for sure can't wait to see everyone again! 
Will there be a call for speakers at some point? I might attend since I can't make it to I/O this year, might as well contribute.
Argh, here comes another year of complaints that the +T-Mobile towers can't keep up with all the android users at the conference center...
Jody B
+Matt Mower we will be working on this well in advance this year.
They need to bring it to the East Coast one year.
Start pinging +T-Mobile now about their horrible cell tower situation that surrounds the 2 square blocks around the Hurst Convention Center. Ugh..
Jody B
+David Cluck we are already in touch with engineering, working on a solution.
+Aaron Kasten can't wait! My boss already approved, so I'm looking forward to coming! Eagerly await further details! 
Yayyyy just waiting for the registration for volunteers!!
Let me know when volunteer signups start. I've been an attendee the last 2 years, but being a local I'd do better to volunteer. I'll even spring for a hotel room there, if my post-London budget will allow.
+Sean Hasten The only company that I have been able to get to work with me is Virgin, nothing is solidified but I am trying.
Jody B
Our room will be fully stocked as usual.
YES!  YES!  YES!!!   I can't wait!!!!
I might just let the boys go this year +Renaud Lepage... We'll see. Taking off work isn't easy for me anymore. :(
Here it is +Joey Cohen mark your calendar! Make sure you add them to a notification circle so when the tickets go on pre-sale you will know!
That's a nice looking logo, my friend.
I vote for a darker colored T-shirt this year!
+Big Android BBQ

I wish & hope last year that the next venue this year will be in AUSTIN, TEXAS again... (One of the best place in the world to have a great gathering)

October 16 is my very special day, and I love to give myself a gift of great BBQ party...

Please, change the venue to AUSTIN, Texas for next year conference.

Thank & have a great day
I should really make it this year! 
Jody B
+Jason Vail I have a conference call with the local engineers tomorrow to make sure we don't have the same issues we have seen the last 2 years.
Mona H
I hope there are more vendors than last year. 2012 was awesome. 
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