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We have a date! October 19-21st 2012 in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas.

Need a countdown widget, we have that too!

Are you excited? We sure are! More info to come.

#BABBQ12 #android #BBQ
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Yes! Third time around, just keeps getting better and better haha.
Awww, not Austin this year? Might have to make the drive...
Is the color theme this year blue and black? Or undecided so far?
Awesome! I couldn't make it the past couple of years because I couldn't find the time and money, shouldn't be a problem if I don't have to pay for a room!
I'll go again because it's in Dallas. Hopefully the sessions are better organized.
I bet they could just update the first widget that they didn't even use last year...
+Justin Stigall Oh you will love the venue this year. It's part of the reason why we are moving.

+Eric Tamez The sessions will be held in three conference rooms. There will be 3 different Tracks with some great stuff for every Android fan.
Where is every staying.. Im looking at flying down rather than driving.. Its Cheaper to Fly and rent a car than drive from Oklahoma City to Dallas.. pretty sad right? LOL I can get round trip for 100 bucks. and rent a car for the weeked for 30 bucks. granted a POS car.. but still cheaper than driving when you factor in the convenaince.
+Sammy Brence we will have a sponsored hotel where everyone will most likely be staying at up soon.

Staying at the sponsored hotel is a must! So much fun is had after hours ;)
only 3 hrs from me ill be there for sure been to the last 2 love it..
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