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Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to make a stop in Taiwan for the Taipei Cycle Show on my way home from China a couple days ago. From the few
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My brother has a commuter bike that's pretty much road with discs. I can't believe how much wobble he can tolerate in his rims: I just helped him swap rims on the rear wheel because it had dents that were almost half the width of the rim, and the tire casing kept popping off. But they rode just fine.
I recently bought a Specialized Tricross Disc and the disc brake was one of the key reasons for choosing the bike. Once the UCI approves discs they are likely to become standard on almost all but the cheapest bikes.
It has been very interesting to see the varied comments on this subject, as well as the discussion on +Richard Masoner's share of this post. I just updated the original post at Bicycle Design with a few additional links on the topic, so check those out when you get a chance...and continue to share your thoughts, pro or con.
Nem vagyok biztos benne, hogy a tárcsafék előnyeit országúti viszonyok közt is eléggé ki lehet használni. Mindenesetre a cikkben szereplő Colnago nagyon szép munka minden tekintetben.
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