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More bike content from the gadget blogs. In the link below, see the wooden recumbent e-trike featured at Ubergizmo, while Gizmag is posting about folded sheet metal frames-
Talk about going all the way when it comes to going green – this wooden electric bicycle hybrid that was developed by design students Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise is certainly a s...
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I didn't have anything good to say about this, so I didn't mention it. The powerdrill range is directory proportionate the amount of attention it get on blogs.
Yeah, the drill drive is a bit silly, but I like the bent-ply frame/seat. As a student project, I think it is pretty nice.
I always freak when these news talk about going green , I suppose most do not realize the fact that using Wood is no less damaging to the environment than other material and in fact in many case with these fancy design, is more carbon irresponsible
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