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Invite a Friend what happens when you Click the blue button?

It launches a Quick Survey: 

Your Friends: Name and Gmail 
Your referral Name and Gmail
Your relationship to the Referral and writing space for why they would be a good Explorer. Click submit and it takes your to the main Google Glass website.

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Does it tell you how long the invites are good for? 
+Kata Rina no does not appear to be a limit - but I did notice that the survey is not locked i.e. I could re-open it...


Folks once a Referral is submitted - that's it so make it count - you can re-open the form but only the first referral will be accepted.
Hey +Sarah Price thank you for confirming :) I didn't want to test it - because I thought it might have overridden my original application or pinged Google that something sneaky was going on lolol
+Yanir Nulman It's one referral per Explorer in the experiment. I realize that doesn't fully answer your question – I don't have all the details myself quite yet.
+Sarah Price so my wife, +ashley lynch should be expecting an invite in her Gmail?  That would be fantastic.  Hopefully the timing works out so that on the way to Korea for a year I can pick it up on my 2-3 day stay in LA.
Did you see a confirmation page? I didn't?!? Weird
Hi Bianca. Did the person you invited ever receive confirmation?
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