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Bhushavali N
Fashion Designer & Fashion n Travel Blogger!
Fashion Designer & Fashion n Travel Blogger!

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Uffizi Gallery (Florence (Firenze) - Italy)
After coming out of Galleria dell'Accademia, I roamed all over the Historic Centre of Florence as I had booked my entry into Uffizi at 11:15, plus since Duomo visit flopped. Since it was prime time, the crowd was pretty much. The security is pretty much lik...

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Galleria dell'Accademia (Florence (Firenze) - Italy)
So where did I meet David ??? As I said earlier, he's standing inside Galleria dell'Accademia and I woke up early morning and went to meet him the first thing in the morning at the earliest time slot of 8:15AM. The entrance leads directly to Hall of Colossu...

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Travel Style - Black & Yellow OOTD
So, here comes the reveal from my Facebook , Instagram & Twitter sneakpeak last week! Many did guess the location right - yup, its Tranquebar aka Tharangambadi.  One of the only 3 tiny little towns that were Danish colonies in India, this place has a very u...

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David by Michelangelo at Galleria dell'Accademia (Florence (Firenze) - Italy)
I sent a message to my possessive man saying 'I met David' and he asked 'Who David?'..... Well, h e's the most handsome guy in the whole world. I fell in love with him in my 1st year of college. I don't mind declaring my love for this boyfriend of mine on s...

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St.Peter's Basilica (Vatican)
Getting out of Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums through a shortcut, I went into St.Peter's Basilica. As you enter there are 3 doors - a queue to climb the dome. Quite amusingly the queue to get tickets to go to the dome hardly had about 10 people!!! Beside ...

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Birthday Outfit - Peacock Earrings & Necklace
If you've been following my travel blog, you'd know that I recently ventured to Orange County Resorts in Kabini ! You may also know that I was there for my birthday! So here comes in birthday outfit!  No, not really a really a new outfit! I mean, getting ol...

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Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
In my Uni days, in Art History subject, Renaissance was a major topic and 3  primary names taught were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael and a masterpiece of Michelangelo was the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. So to visit Sistine Chapel was a dream fo...

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Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Domus Aurea & Convento Bonaventura (Rome - Italy)
From Colosseum & Arch of Constantine , I walked over to Palatine Hill. As I mentioned about this issue in my post on Copenhagen , almost each and every city in every European Nation, went through more than one major fire outbreak.  Rome went through it in 6...

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Travel Style - Handloom Wrap Dress
If you've been following my travel blog, you'd know that I recently ventured to Orange County Resorts in Kabini ! Here comes my OOTD from Kabini!  I made this dress out of a fabric woven by visually challenged people at NIVH (National Institute of Visually ...

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Colosseum & Arch of Constantine (Rome - Italy)
I went on a solo backpacking trip to Italy for 3 days which began with Rome and ended with Milan and the first place I visited in Rome was Colosseum.  Colosseum - I had seen it drawings, photos and videos since childhood as I grew up. It was one of the impo...
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