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That ends our journey of CEED/UCEED/NID exams
Hope you enjoyed preparing and my blog helped you.

And I might not have replied to few of your messages and some of your comments coz of the bulk no. in my inbox as well as when ur ques seemed repetitive and easily found by simple search.

Anyway, I will be happy to hear your feedback about your exam and after you get selected. Stay safe, give your best and don't forget to help your upcoming juniors for their preparation either personally or thru social medias. It will reduce my burden at least :D

Also, if anyone wishes to share their experience and CEED/UCEED/NID journey in the blog as a post, ping to my inbox stating your interest. I'm sure your shares will help upcoming design exam aspirants.

Best wishes for your future, Bye
-Bhanu :)
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Hope all the effort would pay off
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Bhanu Chander

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Things to carry for #CEED exam!

admit card,
any ID proof,
pencils, (2H, 2B,HB) min.
mechanical pencil (if u prefer),
colors of ur choice, esp pencil/crayon etc
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Bhanu Chander

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Bhanu Chander

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NID-DAT 2017 Answer Key with explanation
Hi, For now, I've quickly given the answers with little explanation and supportive images, If you're preparing for NID 2018, remind me to update the explanations. I've denied to many comments and messages in the blog and FB when they asked to solve this pap...
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Bhanu Chander

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Materials and examples for Logo making - Visual Communication
Hi, this is a bit late but still, but I hope this will be crucial for your exam especially for those who are planning to give Visual communication (logo design) part of CEED exam. I'm giving links to the pdf as well as online pages that would leave you some...
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Bhanu Chander

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Analysis of mistakes in Torch sketch design for CEED students. Understanding what mistakes to be avoided will help you prevent them during your exam!
Suggestions and comments for avoiding mistakes in the sketch of torch design problem were clearly explained in this page.
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Bhanu Chander

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Are you afraid of giving CEED 2017 exam ?
feeling nervous ?

here is a good motivational post to boost your confidence. Also, mistakes that you should be avoiding were given in this post.
Do you fear for CEED exam? here are some inspiration tips. Also check the big mistakes that you should be avoiding during preparation.
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Bhanu Chander

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My final tips for UCEED exam

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Bhanu Chander

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UCEED Time management, Tips on how to utilize time during UCEED exam
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Bhanu Chander

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UCEED - priority topics from resource posts for last 3 days
Hi, Just three days to go and you must be in a crunch just like me :D Anyway, earlier, I've given the priority list, in this post I will tell which headings of which post/page is required which you can skip saving time as well study the most important topic...
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Bhanu Chander

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Bhanu Chander

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A little Motivation for UCEED exam.
Also tips on what topics to study and what topics to skip during your UCEED last week practice
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+Bhanu Chander okay thank you sir. 
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Research Scholar in Engineering Design
Research Scholar in Engineering Design at IIT Madras having 4+ years experience with L&T. Passionate Engineer by heart !
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Bhanu Chander
Research Scholar (Engineering Design) at IIT Madras having 4+ years of work experience with L&T. A Passionate Engineer !
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