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The Easiest Virtual Tabletop for All Your Devices
The Easiest Virtual Tabletop for All Your Devices

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Changelog for 3.3.9
* Fixes initiative not calculating correctly when it is used in a custom condition on Pathfinder sheets
* Fixes import not working correctly on Pathfinder sheets

Changelog for 3.3.8

* Changes the delete confirmation method on the dashboard so it no longer uses a browser alert
* Fixes character portraits so they can now be printed on D&D sheets
* Adds options to print mode on D&D sheets so you can now customize player name and conditionally hide remaining values

Changelog for 3.3.7

* Fixes a bug where HP would not include HP from CON in Print Mode for D&D sheets
* Adds title attributes to all checkboxes for better accessibility

Changelog for 3.3.6

* Fixes NaN values showing up on the Overview page on initial load for D&D 5E sheets
* Lots of little bug fixes that came up because of the optimizations of the last update
* Adds Print Mode on the Settings tab of D&D 5E sheets. Print Mode is a premium-only feature.
* Adds field for editing inspiration points on General tab

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Changelog for 3.3.5

* Huge optimizations for performance on both Pathfinder and D&D sheets
* Adds checkbox for adding an ability mod to your total AC, useful for Unarmored Defense
* Background fixes and optimizations for upcoming additions to the character builder / level up guide
* Moves Character Builder into a tab
* Removes up/down arrows on number fields for some browsers
* Adds Pushing Attack to the list of possible Maneuvers for the Battle Master Fighter archetype in D&D 5E.

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Gifting Update

This update of Beyond Tabletop adds support for buying and giving gift upgrades to your friends or game group! Just in time for the holidays! Exclamation mark!

To give a gift upgrade, visit the new Account page (accessible from the dashboard) and click to purchase a new upgrade. Once the upgrade has been purchased, you can send the gift to anyone who already has an account with Beyond Tabletop using the email address they use to log in. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our subreddit.

Changelog for 3.3.4
* Adds Account page for viewing your previous purchases and gifting purchases to other players
* Adds support for gift giving
* Redesign of the Dashboard page, with more to come in the next few updates
* Fixes bugs related to spellcasting on the Pathfinder sheet

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Changelog for 3.3.2
* Overhaul of spellcasting information on Pathfinder sheets
* Each spellcasting class (when multiclassing) now has separate spellcasting information
* Tons of fixes and changes for homebrew + spellcasting
* While homebrew mode is active (Settings tab), you can choose your class’s spell ability
* Spells known per level is editable for homebrew spellcasters
* Base spell slots (now known as Spells Per Day) is editable for homebrew spellcasters

Changelog for 3.3.1
* Fixes an issue with multi-classing as dissimilar spellcasters on Pathfinder sheets
* Allows Warlocks to track their spell slots on D&D sheets

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Map Improvements!

The Battlemap tool is long overdue for some upgrades. Today we're rolling out the first set of improvements, with more to come in the near future. The biggest change today is the addition of hotkeys which will allow players to quickly and more easily administer their battlemaps and create encounters!

Changelog for 3.3.0

* When copying entities on the battlemap, the newly copied entity will be offset from the original
* Battlemap can be moved beyond its edge, and the battlemap no longer snaps back when you pan too far
* When adding or copying entities on the battlemap, the newly created entity will automatically be selected
* Tokens will no longer automatically sort when changing the initiative values. Instead an “Update” button will appear, which will lock in changes. This fixes tokens jumping around without players realizing the order had changed.
* Adds many shortcut hotkeys. They are detailed on the battlemap overview help page.
* Adds checkbox setting in map settings panel to turn off hotkeys
* Adds undo and redo (z and shift + z)
* Adds shape and token rotation (r key)
* Fixes Wood Elf/Dark Elf ability score mixup for D&D sheets builder
* Barbarians get the correct number of rounds when activating a rage on D&D sheets

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Changelog for 3.2.8

* Fixes a bug on D&D sheets that applied ranged bonuses to finesse weapons
* Adds new Help page which houses documentation and eventually how-to guides and other helpful things
* Adds help documentation for D&D sheets and Battlemap
* Small design refresh throughout the faq and help pages
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