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Beverly Diehl
Loving life, living joyously.
Loving life, living joyously.

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Inviting Desire with Walker Thornton - Giveaway!
I am so pleased to be hosting sexpert Walker Thornton on my blog this month, and to be giving away a copy of one of my favorite books, Inviting Desire . While aimed at older women, it's really applicable to women of any age who've lost their spark, perhaps ...

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Curvy Girl Sex Giveaway!
Photo of April Flores by Nick Holmes Lots more sexy and juicy photos in the book So because I am a generous soul, I am GIVING AWAY an autographed copy of my new favorite sex book by sexologist Elle Chase . This book is AMAZING, and despite the title, you do...

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Why Talk About Rape... Again?
Doesn't talking about rape normalize it? Yes, I've heard people ask that. Well, we've tried not talking about rape and sexual assault for quite some time. And yet, rape and sexual assault didn't magically go away. I believe that talking about our experience...

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A Million to One: Tony Faggioli
Tony Faggioli  is an up-and-coming writer who recently released his first trilogy, a set of action-packed thrillers with a big supernatural component running through them. And, I am proud to say, a personal friend. I'm so happy to welcome him here for the s...

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One In a Million: Tony Faggioli
One of the best things about being a writer is getting to meet, read, and become friends with other writers, aspiring or established. Tony Faggioli is an up-and-coming writer who recently released his first trilogy, a set of action-packed horror novels with...

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Seven (7) Things I Learned From Hamilton
Lin-Miranda Miranda in Hamilton via Wikimedia Commons I'm a stubborn bitch who prefers to see the show first, then listen to the music, later, when it comes to musicals. But. So many of my friends have been buzzing about Hamilton I couldn't hold out until i...

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The Art of the Steal? #election2016
Anyone else feeling of two (or more) minds about this thing? I want to be calm and compassionate and understanding. To draft a plan of reaching out to current enemies and converting them to allies. To join hands with other activists and make the world a bet...

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Still Beautiful, Still Sexy, After Breast Cancer #breastcancer #surthriver
Photo by Nick Holmes Sept 2016 Ready to discuss cancer? And look at naked boobs? Can we make that a hell yes? Estimates are that as many as 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with and survive cancer. Sadly, not everyone will beat cancer, breast, or otherwis...

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Got Wenches?
My kittehs: Creativity on the left, Motivation (Mojo) on the right So I belong to an online group of writers, mostly women, with a couple of (male) barkeeps thrown in, because somebody needs to bring us the booze. The Wenches are scattered across the US, Ca...

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Unpacking the Lessons of CatalystCon
Just when you think you have no more virginities left to lose  gleefully shatter... Sept 16-18, I attended - and presented panels at - my first CatalystCon. What is CatalystCon? CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about ...
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