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Including my friend Dr Kathryn. Why so many women are suffering horrifying injuries on the #ski slopes @MailOnline 

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Love the lighting
Steampunk Girls <3 #steampunk   #steampunkchuck  

Corset & Boots - True Corset
Model Tiffaney Sales
Photographer Chuck Coleman
Stylist: Brandy Honeycutt
MUAH: Morgan Holden
Editing/Retoucher: Chuck Coleman 
Steampunk Girls
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Convertible TEAK Bench Table
Attractive TEAK piece of garden furniture that easily converts to a picnic table in one easy move. Price as of 2015 £499 - SURREY

#gardenfurniture   #gardenteak   #picnic   #picnictable  

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Video is the way to go!
7 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

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By Tom Treanor

Do you use videos in your marketing?

Are you looking for ways to increase engagement and shares?

In this article you’ll find seven ways to use video to boost your social media efforts.

Read the full post here: -Kim

#smexaminer   #socialmediamarketing   #videomarketing  

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Tools to Centrally Monitor Your Social Mentions

By Lisa Karl

Do you want to find company mentions beyond news articles and blogs?

Do you want to monitor social mentions and metrics?

Mention and SumAll each offer a single dashboard so you can track mentions on social media, websites and blogs. With these tools, you don’t have to hop back and forth between networks to gather data to compare.

In this article you’ll discover how Mention and SumAll provide all the data you need to get the big picture of your online presence. -Kim

#socialmentions #socialmedialisteningtools

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Get the skirt for £1 or $1 when you buy the #corset - this weekend only 
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