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When businesses collaborate, everyone wins!
When businesses collaborate, everyone wins!


Near the end of our three weeks in Puerto Rico, Herbert took us for a wonderful trip where he and I went snorkeling. Cheryl stayed on the beach. He took some photos and videos of me and some of the marine life we witnessed - you can see those here. >>
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Some Observations of Comparative Intelligence - a story by my dad Dick Bird about how smart mice are - is now available to read online:
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Here's a sample deformation monitoring report for a fictitious overpass.

Please let me know what you think...

(I made a responsive page that should also be easy to read on mobile devices.)

#deformationmonitoring #surveying #geomatics #pointdisplacements #software #leastsquares #networkadjustment #reportingservices #bridge
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How I Create Awesome Deformation Monitoring Reports
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Here are the main steps I do to go from raw survey data to a completed deformation report:

1) Data conversion

2) Fix point naming errors

3) Model the errors realistically - the coordinates of some points will be more precise than others (I made special software for this in 2009)

4) Perform minimal constraint least squares network adjustments of each epoch and eliminate outliers (using Starnet and my own software to help speed up iterations of outlier removal)

5) Test the reference points for stability between the two epochs by doing a series of network adjustments with the measurements of both epochs combined and some analysis to detect unstable reference points

6) Network adjustment with both epochs combined and stable reference points held fixed to yield coordinates and their precisions

7) Determination of significant displacements by comparing coordinate differences and the confidence intervals thereof

8) Plotting of the results graphically and in tabular form

9) Written summary of results

If you would like to see an example of a deformation report for an overpass showing vertical displacements only, I made a 90 second video earlier today showing it, which you can see here:

There is also a longer video with some more details (4 minutes) :

The example PDFs are also available for you to take a closer look:
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Office workers & entrepreneurs: is there something that you do on your computer often, maybe every day, that wastes your time, and you wish it could be automated or simplified, so you can do it faster or not have to think about it anymore? As a custom software developer, I may be able to help you with that. I've been doing this for my own work for years and thought, why not help more people? Let me know if you'd like to talk about this.

Also, I'm now building a new programming language called DF (Data Functions.) It helps us by making it quick and easy to create programs for data converting, processing, and report generation.

#software #automation #excel #programming #softwaredevelopment
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Yesterday I improved my deformation monitoring and reporting software package and documented the process if you'd like to follow along.

For Geomatics professionals, this update will be too much information. You can simply jump to the end of the page (CTRL + End) to see an example overpass deformation report, to see a bit of what my software can do.

For those learning programming, today’s update will be instructive. You will see me intend specific outcomes, and then create the solutions, solving challenges that come up along the way. I will share my VBA source code with you, and you will see the code develop as the day goes on. You will also see the outcomes achieved.

My best,


#programming #softwaredevelopment #customsoftware
#software #monitoring #surveying #geomatics #itdevelopment #dataprocessing #dataconversion #automation #excel #VBA
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Finding the best joint venture partners to grow your business and your profits can be difficult and time-consuming. But what if someone else could do it for you?

What if it all it took was a 20-minute call to share some details about your business and your customers... to begin receiving introductions to targeted joint venture partners that will grow your business?

What if there was no cost and it was all upside potential?

If you qualify, I can provide this service to you and I do this for a percentage of the new revenue that comes from the joint ventures that result from my introductions.

Would you be interested in this opportunity to easily grow your successful business?
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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who helps people with life purpose or entrepreneurship? If so, what if I could show you a way to increase your revenue without increasing your expenses... would you be interested?
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