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New! Luxury Bedding Protection in Bamboo -Protect your bed and your family

We are delighted to introduce a brand new range of bedding protection to protect your  mattress, duvet cover and pillowcases. Not only that it protects you against dust mites

House dust mites live deep inside pillows, duvets and mattresses only coming to surface for food and moisture, so a 100% effective barrier is
essential to block them. The little devils are also a major cause of breathing difficulties e.g. asthma.

Fits discretely under your normal bed linen.100% waterproof, fully breathable, silent, super soft, silky and absorbent.
Protect your bedding against spills, stains and accidents  
Ideal for the whole family including babies. Certified a  total barrier against house dust mites and their allergens.        

Made from Bamboo.
Why choose Bamboo Bedding Protection over other textiles?   •Greater absorbency than cotton, bamboo fibre
quickly evaporates body moisture, keeping your
bed fresher, more hygienic and comfortable.

•Bamboo is organically grown and fully sustainable.
•Bamboo micro-terry surface adds a layer of natural
silkiness and comfort to your mattress. 
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Naughty but Nice!
Looking for something different for fun times in the Bedroom . Tale a look at or lovely Satin sheet range, and for the more adventurous we have bed linen in Hi-Gloss PU, Leather and Latex! All our Bed linen is handmade in the UK from the best quality fabrics.
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Bamboo Duvets keep you warm in the winter but are light and soft to sleep under. Bamboo has some amazing properties.

 300 thread count but feels softer than 1000 thread count cotton. 

 Certified grown organically, free of pesticides and of fertilizers 

 Bamboo Fibre meets Oeko-Tex standard 100 product class 1 for baby articles

 Silky Soft and 3 times more absorbent than cotton & naturally anti static.

 Highly dust mite resistant too – ideal for those prone to allergies and asthma.
 Has a soothing effect on irritating skin conditions such as eczema.

 Very beneficial for people who overheat whilst sleeping. Wicks away moisture.

We have lovely super soft Bamboo toppers too so that you can have the 100% Bamboo  sleeping experience.

 Find out more about these fantastic duvets
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In the last 5 years the number of adults not getting the recommended  7 hours of sleep has soared from 38% to over 60% !
This dramatic rise in sleeplessness is a real threat to individuals  health. While some people so certainly function well and stay healthy on  less sleep the vast majority of people  need at least 7 hours sleep specialists agree.
One of the  causes of this rapid rise of sleep problems  it has been suggested is the use of mobiles and tablets late in the evening. These emit light from the blue end  of the spectrum. Light which can play havoc with melatonin levels. Melatonin it has been shown control our sleep patterns so changes in levels of melatonin can  seriously effect the quality of sleep we experience.
So it is  probably wise not to use phones and tablets an hour before going to bed to give you a good chance of getting a great night’s sleep.
For more great ways to get a great nights sleep check out
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Find out why Bamboo Bed Linen and Bamboo Bed Linen is so good for your health and so comfortable to sleep in too.
Why Bamboo Bed Linen is so comfortable and good for your health too.
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We have a fantastic special offer on Luxury Taffeta Comforters this week. These are hand -made luxury American style comforters that reach to the floor. Available  in 6 great colourways and this week an extra 20% off the regular price. Don't miss the chance to pick up one of these lovely Comforters at less than half price
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Do you have a problem overheating at night?

Bamboo Bed Linen made from Organically grown Bamboo is a great way to keep cool. The wonderful soft bamboo fabric has 3 times the greater absorbency than cotton and wicks away moisture as you sleep and quickly evaporates without leaving a damp feeling.

Sleeping in 100% Bamboo really helps.
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Get a restful nights sleep. Bamboo Bedding reduces allergy symptoms

Bamboo Floss Filled Duvets and Mattress toppers made from Organically Grown Bamboo are a boon to people who suffer from allergy problems when in bed. The unique structure of bamboo is such that it is inhospitable to dust mites and it is dust mites dropping that can cause breathing problems and skin conditions.

Bamboo Duvets and Toppers offer a new sleeping experience. Light weight, Super Soft and Silky . Bamboo is  lightweight giving a beautiful drape around your body as you sleep.
 100% Bamboo Duvet Covers and Comfort Bed Toppers. Comfortable, Safe, Sleeping Environment from Sustainable Organic Bamboo.

The ‘floss’ filling is organically grown 100% Bamboo Fibre and the shell covering is 100% bamboo fabric. Duvets come in a choice of 4.5 tog – summer weight and 9 tog for spring/autumn weight – or combine the 2  duvets with integral loops for the winter. In many well heated homes the 9 tog duvet is suitable for year round use.
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Silk Pillow Cases are the Celebrity beauty secret that really works. Sleep on Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases and you will find that they prevent the formation of wrinkles. Sleeping on Silk also keeps your hair looking great!
At only £25.50 each they are very good value for a quality item and they make super presents too!
Silk Sheets and Bed Linen in Luxury Mulberry Silk. Hand-made in the UK for quality and value. We use only the finest A grade, long staple Mulberry Silk
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We have some great Satin Bargains on our Special Offer page and our Clearance page with lots of money off our regular prices. Check out
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Here's some more pictures of our Comforters that are available until 3rd November with £50 off and an additional 20% discount.
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Between The Sheets - The Home of Exotic Bed Dressing Hand-crafted in the UK
Between the Sheets are the leading manufacturers of bed linen in exotic fabrics. Based in the UK we make beautiful bed linen in tactile fabrics. Because we make our Bed Linen at our own factory in the UK we can create bed linen for any size or shape of  bed as well as all UK, EU and International bed sizes.
Our ranges include bed linen made from Pure Silk, Bamboo  Satin, Velvet, PU, Leather and Latex.
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