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The Story of Google's Revolution in Machine Translation

This is a piece of history that just unfolded this year, and this NYT piece captures it beautifully. It's the bigger story of artificial intelligence. It's that story, zoomed in on a big bet to run Google Translate on machine learning.

There are so many interesting parts to this piece. I'll highlight this one about the training process though:

“We did hundreds of experiments,” Schuster told me, “until we knew that we could stop the training after one week. You’re always saying: When do we stop? How do I know I’m done? You never know you’re done. The machine-learning mechanism is never perfect. You need to train, and at some point you have to stop. That’s the very painful nature of this whole system. It’s hard for some people. It’s a little bit an art — where you put your brush to make it nice. It comes from just doing it. Some people are better, some worse.”

And this, on some of the employment implications to machine learning inching into Natural Language Processing:

Once you’ve built a robust pattern-matching apparatus for one purpose, it can be tweaked in the service of others. One Translate engineer took a network he put together to judge artwork and used it to drive an autonomous radio-controlled car. A network built to recognize a cat can be turned around and trained on CT scans — and on infinitely more examples than even the best doctor could ever review. A neural network built to translate could work through millions of pages of documents of legal discovery in the tiniest fraction of the time it would take the most expensively credentialed lawyer. The kinds of jobs taken by automatons will no longer be just repetitive tasks that were once — unfairly, it ought to be emphasized — associated with the supposed lower intelligence of the uneducated classes. We’re not only talking about three and a half million truck drivers who may soon lack careers. We’re talking about inventory managers, economists, financial advisers, real estate agents. What Brain did over nine months is just one example of how quickly a small group at a large company can automate a task nobody ever would have associated with machines.

Thanks to +Alex Herrero for bringing this to my attention.

How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself.
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Indigenous Win

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court provided some good news to a Terraba (Teribe) Indigenous territory when it stopped the state-run Costa Rica Electricity Institute from going forward with the Diquis hydroelectric project for failing to consult Indigenous communities who would see part of their lands flooded.

The permit, issued in 2007 under former President Oscar Arias, had declared the dam to be located at the mouth of the General River Valley in the southern Pacific and part of the country of “national interest.”

The court ruling did not question the “national interest” part of the permit, but said ICE had failed to comply with a previous high court order to adequately consult the Indigenous communities. The project has been stalled since 2011 over the Indigenous consultation issue.

The 650 megawatt hydroelectric project was to be the largest such project in Central America. The project’s reservoir would occupy 7363 hectares of land, 830 hectares of which are Indigenous territories, and displace over 1547 people.

The project would also flood 10 percent of the Terraba (also known as Teribe) China Kichá Indigenous territory (104 hectares) and 8 percent of another Terraba communities of Curré and Boruca (726 hectares).

Officials estimate that 200 sacred Indigenous sites would be destroyed by the reservoir.

Some see the development as very positive. The $2.5 billion project would provide employment in the region to 3,500 people. The Diquis project would increase that renewable energy capacity and also allow Costa Rica to sell energy to neighboring Central American countries.

The high court ruling referred to Article 8 of the Arias Administration decree which would have allowed ICE to gather materials for the dam, power station, and connected works in locales in the areas of El General, Buenos Aires, Changuena and Cabagra, despite the fact that Indigenous people live in the areas.

According to the Constitutional Chamber’s press office, the annulled article was challenged previously in September of 2011, when the court determined that the decree was constitutional just as long as the Indigenous communities were consulted within a period of six months from the notification of the ruling.

However, early the next year, the court ruled that the six months established by the Court had passed and the consultation had not been made.

“The Constitutional Chamber has demonstrated that, in fact, in the space of time established in the 2011-12975 ruling, the referred to consultation was not made nor did any party come to this Chamber request an extension of the time limit granted. Therefore, since the condition dictated in ruling 2011-12975 have not been met, the Article 8 of the No. 34312-MP-MINAE executive decree is unconstitutional because the consultation failed to occur,” said the press office.

The Terraba say they are not interested in the offers made so far to relocate their communities to other lands and provide them with well-paid jobs. “We don’t believe in the promises of employment for Indigenous Peoples, as up until today it had been demonstrated that all the qualified and best paid personnel have been brought from outside, Indigenous workers are used only to break rocks,” said community leader Jehry Rivera.
On November 1, 2016, the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court provided some good news to a Terraba (Teribe) Indigenous territory when it stopped the state-run Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE by its Spanish acronym) from going forward with the Diquis hydroelectric project for …
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Bettina Ascaino

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Flat spin
It's essential to keep moving, learning and evolving for as long as you're here and this world keeps spinning.

Work by Charlie Deck.

#animation   #processing   #spinning   #math  
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Trecho do documentário biográfico de Tomer Heymann sobre o coreógrafo Israelense Ohad Naharin, que teve grande influência na dança moderna com o seu...
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I started following this question on Quora after hearing a podcast about liberty where the guy goes: "you need to leave your emotions aside and think logically etc". I thought to myself: As if that was possible! lol The Q has been getting sooo many answers last couple of days... How do I completely and utterly kill and remove all my emotions forever, never to exist again, without losing my mind or intelligence?

Don't give me any advice about why I shouldn't. Don’t tell me shit like, “I wouldn't want to do this.” I know what I want and why I want it, even if it will turn me into a social freak. I don’t care one bit. I want them all out forever. The colder the better, and the lesser the more perfect it is.
Answer (1 of 421): The easiest way would be to remove selective parts of your brain. The amygdala, for example, is responsible for most fear-response, emotional reactions, and automatic behaviour. So, when you feel tired and irritable and you let your emotions get the best of you, it’s because y...
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That dude thinks he can indicates he understands neither mind nor intelligence.
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Ultimo, Sydney
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God :) 

The New Face Of Turkish Airlines

Turkey’s flagship carrier Turkish Airlines have signed world renowned Hollywood actor Morgan Freemen as its new brand face to represent it in the U.S. as a part of a new advertisement campaign.

Turkey’s flagship carrier Turkish Airlines have signed world renowned Hollywood actor Morgan Freemen as its new brand face to represent it in the U.S. as a part of a new advertisement campaign, the company announced on Jan. 19.
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“Decadence is a moral and spiritual disease, resulting from too long a period of wealth and power, producing cynicism, decline of religion, pessimism and frivolity. The citizens of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving.” - John Bagot Glubb, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival
Thanks to +Jude Thaddeus for the quote :)
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It appears that money will save them. 
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