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On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. More than a planned decision or the inevitable outcome of events that signaled a return towards a respect of human rights and an acceptance of the freedom of the individual it came about in a comedy of errors as human error, circumstances and wishful thinking conspired to bring about an incredibly desired result: (you will need to read the account from the bottom up to make sense of it:

We did not always build walls apparently. The architecture of privacy (walls, rooms and even individual beds) is a relatively modern invention which owes more than a little to the desire of the church to hold sway over the masses:

Walls are more than physical things, of course. We all carry some, deep inside our heads and frequently learn to erect others: The New Yorker cover for Thanksgiving was making a similar point: A very similar sentiment is made by a column in The New York Times where the German phrase Mauer im Kopf (“wall in the head”) is used to explain how walls create behavioral modes and their attendant psychologies:

And make no mistake. The Walls are going back up, everywhere: Much as architecture constrains us or frees us: we also shape ourselves, through it, by the choices we make. As tribes we are comfortable with the notion of walls. They safeguard our sense of values and identity and psychologically guarantee our security providing peace of mind, which is why identity politics ( have become central to the ongoing conversation in the 21st century.

The Black Lives Matter movement ( as well as the anti-immigrant parties springing up across Europe ( and the frequently kneejerk political reactions that follow them ( are part of the same complex picture: A very human, understandable response to fear and pain and a sense of injustice: In truth we are all a little broken: The world is too rough, too large, too chaotic to not have damaged us a little as we make our way through it.

In researching my latest book on Trust ( I came to realize the entirely obvious, critical role played by transparency and clear communication in misspelling misunderstandings and establishing connections over commonalities. In the first part of the book, I was led, by the material, to explore the dynamics of tribal connections emerging out of pressing practicalities. But at the same time I was also presented with the means through which the traditional barriers of isolation can be successfully disrupted.

As the way the Berlin Wall came down story we began with, demonstrates, there is no perfect system: “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” sings Leonard Cohen in Anthem ( “We are all born into a circle” of some kind, says Elif Shafak in her TED Talk on walls and isolation and the role fiction plays in breaking down the barriers:

Each in a different way, Cohen and Shafak highlight the same dangers and point to the same solutions. We have the ability to transcend whatever cultural ghetto we are in and connect with each other not just because we suddenly realize that we are more similar than we are different, but because we realize that the dangers we are facing, the world we live in and the challenges that await us are bigger, scarier and entirely uncaring about our differences.

Together then, I hope, you’ve all stocked up on coffee and donuts, made sure the croissants will not run out, the cookies will be sufficient and there will be chocolate cake to last the day. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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Bettina Ascaino

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If you have issues with a low volume on Chrome (YouTube or Apps running on Chromium engine) you can install Volume Mixer Gnome Shell Extension

Not sure what was wrong, but max volume in Chromium on Gnome Shell, was 29% only :/

#Chrome   #Audio   #GNOME   #GnomeShell  
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Here is a recipe for Banana Ketchup
Banana ketchup is sweeter than tomato sauce and is similar in taste to the Indonesian Kecap manis and the Thai sweet chilli sauce. In Filipino households, this ubiquitous condiment is used on just about any dish – omelettes (torta), hot dogs, burgers, fries, fish and other meats.



From The #Taste of #Aussie
#Banana #EatingMoreBananas #Recipe #Food #BananaKetchup #GoingBananas #Healthy #Health #Ketchup #Burger #Pantry #Filipino #Philippines #FilipinoFood #Foodie #AsianFood #PinoyFood #FilipinoRecipes #YummyFood #Delicious #FoodLovers #Recipes #Sauce #Kitchen #Burgers #Fries #Fruit
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Parrot bird known brightly Ballowanh ranging from green, red, blue, yellow, and the tradition of some of the types of sounds which make birds grainy humans for breeding Ktaor pampered, have to learn gray parrot African about 800 words, but it is in the wild does not imitate sounds each other or any other sounds, but bushing and vocal and whistles occur They are intelligent, social birds, there are parrots in the warmer regions of the world including India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and one species - now extinct in the United States called (Carolina parakeet), which became extinct in the early twentieth century - as well as Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.
Featuring Parrot relatively large headed, short neck, and tongue thick, and Qaúmah square claws that help him dangling tree branches, and the beak steel solid able to break the solid walnut crust, in addition to the ability of certain types to imitate sounds, and the length of the age of some kinds.
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I just want to note that +The New York Times is running this as a headline. About a terrorist. 

I've got a more serious article brewing in my head about the entire situation – not merely the attack in Colorado Springs, but the attack in Minneapolis a week before, and the fact that there's a rising tide of terrorism within the US which both the media and the government seem determined to ignore – but that's not for tonight.

Right now, I just want to point out that when members of the radicalized far right in the US commit terrorist acts, they get human-interest pieces about their lives. Compare this, for a moment, to the stories we get when Muslims commit terrorist acts abroad (since they almost never do in the US): "should we expel all refugees?" Or the stories when an unarmed black man is gunned down, analyzing what he did that made someone shoot him.

And note that the radicalized far right has been the source of nearly all the terrorist attacks in the US for the past century and a half: the exceptions can be counted. (Anarchist and communist terrorism in the early 20th century; a few incidents from the radicalized far left in the 1960's; and 9/11) Yet this is how we choose to set our priorities.

Nor is the NYT alone in this; we have the Washington Post with the headline "Alleged Colorado gunman was adrift and alienated," showing off the editor's tic of saying "alleged" as an apotropaic talisman against libel suits; mercifully, that article is about how it was quite clear that he was a frightening and dangerous person for some time. But the article immediately next to it explains that "not until much more is known about alleged gunman Robert Lewis Dear Jr. and his motivations will the political implications of his actions become clear." (Have you ever seen this applied to a terrorist act elsewhere? Whence this benefit of the doubt?)

I won't even describe what's going on in the right-wing press, or on Twitter; look in to that particular pit of despair at your own risk. Let's just say that it's clear that there's a substantial fraction of the population which favors terrorism as well, and the news media is apparently split between "beholden to them" and "pusillanimous."

If I had not already been disappointed nearly beyond repair at the common sense of the editorial teams of many of our major newspapers, this would have done me in. 
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Bettina Ascaino

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Primitive thinking...
Stop watching the news and look up hard data instead.
It’s a good time to be a pessimist. ISIS, Crimea, Donetsk, Gaza, Burma, Ebola, school shootings, campus rapes, wife-beating athletes, lethal cops—who can a
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"The only sound way to appraise the state of the world is to count."  

Do we live as statistics?  

Or has the violence changed/shfited/evolved as structures evolve?  

Our numbers, they come from sanctioned sources, which won't record accurately violence by sanctioned entities.  Two million people in jails and prisons in the US, people miss that violence is violence, regardless of the games used to justify it.  
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Try This New Writing Strategy To Refresh Your Stories – And Your Life

It's the greatest challenge we face as serious writers... to escape the dull cage of our own minds, our familiar thoughts and preconceptions, and write something that's truly fresh. How can we do it? These three clever and original ideas will not only enhance your writing. They'll change your life.

Have you ever tried those approaches? Don't be shy. Share your experiences in a comment at the blog!

#amwriting #CreativeWriting #WritingTips #Writing
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This is the quintessential Doors song

♪ ♬✰ Vivid with exceptional imagery, drug use metaphor, psychedelic musical composition, and amazing vocals, this is a great example of everything The Doors do the best, and all on the same track.

Many people seek to escape from their suffering. Although distraction (whether through mood-altering substances or even healthier activities, such as exercise) may offer a temporary reprieve, the roots of the problem will never simply go away. This line could Morrison’s statement about the many people who have destroyed their lives by seeking an easy route to higher consciousness, and an acknowledgement that he knows it to be counter-productive.
Alternatively, it could be Jim stating that most people are afraid to go to the other side, and instead, they try to run and hide from that which they do not understand.

The band The Doors was named after Aldous Huxley’s book, entitled “The Doors of Perception,” a book that detailed Huxley’s experience with hallucinogenic drugs. Jim Morrison was fascinated with the doors of perception and ‘breaking on through’ to the other side, to reach alternate states of consciousness.

Morrison juxtaposes two very different images; the first two lines refer to the subject’s arms and eyes having a sense of warmth and comfort, followed by those same arms and eyes trapping him.

Taken at face value, Morrison is seemingly speaking to the occurrence of when feelings of romance one has for another are often quickly switched for feelings of being stuck, particularly when the person isn’t exactly who you originally thought they were.

However, continuing the theme of the song, Morrison is talking about the temporary comfort that drugs provide him with as well as the trap of addiction that comes with them.

#music   #thedoors   #genius  
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