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Bette Kauffman

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Bette Kauffman

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Pastel Underworld
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Bette Kauffman

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I never tire of primroses! And the white ones are kind of special. Thanks to +Susan Hamrick for sharing these with #wildflowerwednesday .
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Me too, +Bette Kauffman   They are so fleeting and so lovely.   :) 
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Bette Kauffman

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Here's a treat from +Diana Boyd. Exquisite detail and a touch of the exotic for #wildflowerwednesday!
Wild Sweet William, Phlox divaricata 
I found this woodland beauty blooming in masses at Richardsons Nature Preserve in Hamilton County, Ohio last weekend. It was along all of the trails with Blue Eyed Mary, which made for a lovely sight!
This Phlox has a heavenly fragrance and made my hike such a delight.

#wildflowerwednesday   +Bette Kauffman 
+HQSP Flowers  #hqspflowers  
+BTP Flower Pro  #btpflowerpro  
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Bette Kauffman

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+Eric Hunt has favored #wildflowerwednesday with two beauties this week! The spider lilies seem especially abundant this year.
Hymenocallis liriosme

I found several beautiful blooming stands of Spring Spider-Lily, Hymenocallis liriosme, in the Fouche Creek bottomlands just south of the I-30/440/530 maze in Little Rock.

The Fouche Creek bottomlands are a large wetland area along the southern edge of Little Rock. The area is public land, owned by the City, but not part of the park system. If you've got some waterproof boots, bug spray, and a love of the outdoors, they are a great place to go looking for spring wildflowers. And for those with canoes or kayaks, the creek itself is a beautiful float through some old growth cypress.

#littlerock   #wetland   #arkansas   #spring   #nativeplants   #wildflowerwednesday  - curated by +Bette Kauffman 
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Bette Kauffman

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Synchronicity! Only my Copper Iris (Iris fulva) was serendipity. +Eric Hunt went looking for his. #wildflowerwednesday is thrilled!
Iris fulva

Sunday I pulled out my waterproof boots and went in search of Copper Iris (Iris fulva) in Little Rock.

Mid to late-April is bloom season for Copper Iris, and I knew there was a population in the Fouche Creek bottomlands. Lucky for me it was in bloom just a few dozen yards off the access road!

Iris fulva is found mainly in the lower Mississippi River valley. It is more common on the western side of the Mississippi. There are additional populations extending along the Red River in Louisiana, the Arkansas River in Arkansas and along the central Gulf Coast in Mississippi and Alabama.

I see our intrepid #wildflowerwednesday  curator +Bette Kauffman had the same idea as me on Sunday and she was quicker at the computer getting her visit to a Copper Iris posted to G+!

#nativeplants   #arkansas   #copperiris   #iris   #littlerock  
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Bette Kauffman

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Copper Iris (Iris fulva)

Calling all #wildflowerwednesday peeps with the best find evuh! Yes, Sunday afternoon I had a little bit of time while on a mission in central Louisiana, so I pulled into #BuckhornWMA , a Louisiana state wildlife management area. I went a mile or two on a dirt road into the forest, which is dense with incredibly thick understory. Unlike national forests, where controlled burns from time to time keep understory under control and enable wildflowers to flourish, Louisiana properties languish for lack of funding to do proper management. But that's another story.

I was about to turn around and head out when I spied a small clearing on the side of the road. It was grown up, but mostly in grass and wildflowers, and I could pull in because it had a "driveway" of sorts. Indeed, an old ATV trail went into the woods but it clearly wasn't used even by ATVs anymore. I soon found out why. Walking back, I discovered a small stream and a broken culvert that had once supported the ATV trail.

And there on the soft bank of the stream were a few stems of copper iris--my first ever sighting in the wild. Wow! Such a beauty and so exciting to find. This was the only open bloom, but this stalk had two more buds on it.

So... tomorrow's the day! Looking forward to seeing your exciting finds, old and new. Be sure to tag #wildflowerwednesday and me, +Bette Kauffman. Share only your own photos of wildflowers in their natural habitat, and I love to hear your stories!
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they do not grow in Ohio +Bette Kauffman 
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Bette Kauffman

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You're welcome and thank you, +Margaret Tompkins.
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Bette Kauffman

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A Phalaenopsis orchid at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago for #floralfriday +FloralFriday, curatedy by +Tamara Pruessner, +Beth Akerman, +Eustace James & +Kiki Nelson.

Also for #hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers, curated by +Krystina Isabella Brion +Melania Pierce +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk +Wayne Lu & +Iva Pas.
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Bette Kauffman

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Faced with a carpet of lilies but +Bob Danley kept it together and brought this lovely share to #wildflowerwednesday ! Do these have fragrance, Bob?
#wildflowerwednesday  - Glacier Lily
Erythronium grandiflorum carpeting the forest floor at Pattee Canyon NRA (Missoula).
Curated by +Bette Kauffman 

*Natural History Notes": This is a favored food (root stems) for bears in Montana. Plant can grow to 15" in height (Schiemann 2010). Twenty-three species in this genus, all referred to generically as "Dogtooth Violets" (Brandenburg 2010). Distribution of this genus somewhat restricted to Pacific Northwest and east of the Mississippi River.
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Bette Kauffman

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Beautiful, painterly image from +John Wade for #wildflowerwednesday . Anyone know what it is?
Natures Flower arrangement for #wildflowerwednesday  curated by +Bette Kauffman 
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Yes dear, i know this plant very well, it's a very valuable healing plant. I take it as tea or decoction when Mucous membranes stomach or skin problems...
in German called "wilde malve  or Käsepappel", but it has got about 20 names in German.
Malva sylvestris lat. / engl. Mallow plant
Found a short video with information to it:

Beautiful picture +John Wade !
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Bette Kauffman

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Many thanks to +Naturpunkt by Gina M. for sharing this lovely scene with #wildflowerwednesday.
DAY 5 of #naturephotochallenge  to which i was invited by dear +Steve Alfano. I would like to close this session with a picture of simple white flowers in a forest glade, of course with some thoughts to which i agree.
"To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from." — (Terry Tempest Williams)

Today I would like to invite my friend +Hans Groenewege Sr. 
to show his wonderful nature pictures by the challenge, if you like, dear Hans!
The rules for the challenge: 
- you must use the hashtag #naturephotochallenge , - post a nature photo each day for five days,  
- mention me as the person who invited you, - invite a new photographer each day and ….enjoy :)

further shared with:

#wildflowerwednesday  by +Bette Kauffman  #wildflowerphotography  
#wormseyeviewwednesday  +Worm's-Eye View Wednesday 
#BTPFlowerPro   +BTP Flower Pro . founded by +Rinus Bakker , owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Silke Tüxen
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#breakfastartclub  +Breakfast Art Club by +Simply Arlie 
#everythinggreen  +Everything Green by +andi rivarola 
#naturephotography   #flowersphotography   #inspirationalphotography   #quotes  
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+Bette Kauffman glad  to hear that, keeping in touch Bette!
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Photographer, teacher, accidental but glad mom, wannabee singer, aspiring artist.
I took up photography many years ago, after going scuba diving for the first time. I was a farm girl from rural Iowa and had to find a way to share what I saw with family and friends I knew would never see it first hand. Then in my 30s I went off to graduate school and from there to full-time teaching, and within a few years became an academic department head. Under those pressures, photography fell by the wayside. A few years ago, a couple of close friends who had seen some of my work began encouraging me to pick up a camera again. Hurricane Katrina inspired me to do so, and produced a major project called "WATERLINE: an interactive photo installation." I have not yet figured out how to share it online, but I will. It was been well received. But I'm also doing many other projects now and am so glad I joined the G+ community as soon as it went public. Please have a look around my profile. My full-time job is still very demanding, but I do my best to check in on G+ several times a day. I will comment on your work if it is at all interesting to me.
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  • Photographer, teacher, accidental but glad mom, wannabee musician, aspiring artist.
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