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Denying facts is bad. Denying that a pay gap exists is bad. But pretending that the pay gap exists (if it exists at all) is because women are bad at math is what pissed me off more than anything. Facts matter. Truth matters. How can you even engage in a debate with someone who simply denies reality? Rachel has far more patience than I do for this.
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A very interesting segment. Sadly, though, it reflects an attitude I have seen building for a long time on the right side of the political spectrum: deny truth, deny statistics. Unless (of course) the truth and/or statistics happen to support your chosen position.

Do deny the pay gap. Deny global warming. Deny that using statistics to make the US census more accurate is a good thing, even.

It's crazy. But this is a very anti-science country, and it's getting worse on that front. And we're seeing a serious anti-woman agenda coming out as well of late, which only makes things worse.

I find it all very depressing.
I hope you're right about that, and that we start back down the other side of the stupidity peak soon, but I have my doubts.
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