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Betsy Kruger
Magnify Your Profit
Magnify Your Profit


A camel (us) responded to an Arab (Obamacare), "Why do you ask what I prefer when all ways are level?" Aesop's moral: Why pretend when there is no choice? 

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Dr. Betsy Kruger is a professional speaker, business coach, and published author. "Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule" supplements graduate marketing courses. Her upcoming book is "Aesop's Rules: Timeless Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs. Her company, Strategic Power, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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A dog (regulation) nips at horses (businesses) so they can't eat their corn (earn profits). Aesop says, "Live and let live." 

Are you worried about Obamacare? Aesop reports that the birds in an aviary were sick. A cat dressed up as a doctor and inquired about their health. The birds replied, "We shall do very well when we've seen the last of you."

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Aesop tells how flies swarmed a honey pot and got stuck. "How stupid! We threw away our lives for an hour of pleasure ."

When the Birds and Beasts fought, the Bat sided with the winner. Afterwards, they snubbed the Bat as a traitor. Aesop warns, "Don't play both sides against the middle."
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