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David Pogue's Video Proposal:
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish them every happiness
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Thank goodness I asked my wife to marry me last millennium before the bar was set this high. I feel bad for the couples of this generation. Good luck, fellas, you're gonna need it!
What a great story!!!!!!! I wish them all the best!!!
maybe i should do that some time...
ahh how am i kidding!i'm 14!
That is awesome! I loved the trailer, & the proposal was sweet too! B,
...where is the after credits scene?!
May Thu
v-good..make me happy
gibt das auch in deutsch????? weil ich komme net von hier
What is so funny about thise? Everytimes its happening everywhere.
Ok, dass hat die messlatte ziemlich hoch gelegt...
Ok, so it was quite ballsy of him to film the actors doing a cheer right after he proposed.  Had things gone south that would have just compounded the awkward.
Wow! How does he do that!!!

Oh and... Congratulations David! 
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