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Super Golden Friends (Golden Girls)

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Game Of Thrones

"Who Dunnit?!"
What a fantastic ending. If you can't wait to find out who's behind the poisoning, this might help. 
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#supermario   #IRL  O.O

... and this > is the video!! ;)
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Awesome! lol
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Trick Daddy?! That really you? 😢
Trick Daddy is that you?

The former Slip-N-Slide artist was arrested for possession of cocaine, a gun and ammunition in his home ->
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I can't believe this! This is nuts!
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Boop! Like nothing.
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Lol looked like it tickled his nose haha 
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Check out MikeAvilaC's post on Vine!
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Lol, cute when he's made... 
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Don't call out this cop ever.


#bboy #breakdance #nypd #cops 
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I love I'm! 
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No #openingday for me today. :( 

I can't watch because I have Uverse. 
I can't watch because blackout restrictions. 
Parking is now $15. 
...and I have a sprained foot. 

#sadday #mlb #dodgers  
It's Opening Day in Los Angeles, a religious holiday if ever there was one. But don't take the day off on the Dodgers account, at least not unless you're one of 56,000 digital ticket-holders lucky enough to be there in person. OK fine, if you're a Time Warner Cable customer,...
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Mmmm some pizza in that box?
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Half man / Half carnitas
Hola. My name is Beto and I am a robot. 
Bragging rights
I drink more beer than water.
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Dodgers deserve no love letters over parking increase

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Good dive bar but the bartender can be a bit slow, at least the times I've gone. One really has his blinders on and doesn't look around for those seated at the bar to get a sign for another drink. Serves one or two and starts talking away instead of looking left or right. Other than that, it is what it is and the beer is cheap. Good place to drink and hop back back on the Metro Red Line.
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reviewed a month ago
Excellent Thai food here. This is definitely my Thai go-to spot in the valley and everyone from the server to the cook are fantastic. I'm a big fan of their noodle dishes.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
I haven't been here for years, not since I found out about Costco's great liquor selection and sizes. The prices are ok, but they offer a great selection and very knowledgable. Only thing that keeps me going back is how cold they can seem when paying for things. It would be nice to feel like they appreciate your patronage. Heck, even maybe a smile would be nice.
Public - 8 months ago
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I love Yamo!! I've waiting an hour for it to open so I can get one last bite before leaving the city. It's a hole in the wall, but who cares? The food is so good and cheap.
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The Renovations Are Great!! Its a classic park with a new feel. The food courts and stands have been upgraded and given a bigger selection of items to choose from. Its also great to see stand alone food and beer kiosks to keep the lines at a minimum. People complain about parking but what do you expect when you have 40,000 people leaving at once? The Metro shuttle service is a great idea but takes about an hour from Union Station to the park. All in all, its a great experience.
• • •
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I stay at the Guerneville Lodge just about every time I visit Guerneville. Its lawn and campground areas are very nice, the bathrooms are pretty clean for the most part. I will say they went through a fire this past year and it's still under construction. They can be a bit hard to find at times, but do have a full-time groundskeeper on hand who is extremely accommodating (Ronnie). The property has no pool, but does have a dock on the river (excellent!), a tetherball court, volleyball net, teeter-totter and one big main lawn to play whatever you wish. This past weekend a soccer game broke out amongst guests (hipsters, college crowd, gays, families). Great place for camping.
• • •
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Great place to order a pizza from. They're quick and fast, and far better than the bigger chains. You won't go wrong here if you're looking for a quick pizza. This place is our local "go-to".
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reviewed 8 months ago