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Old enough to know better
Old enough to know better

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Prize draw pencil  box at Bureau Direct

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Just testing, please ignore

Just popped in to say hello and thank you for having me in the group. I'm a UK spinner, living in Orkney. I spin on a Schacht DT Matchless (mine) and also on an Ashford Traveller and now an e-spinner too. The traveller is the "student machine" used in the business in which I have a half share (Sanday Spinners). My home is a wet and windy island, my house is perched next to the sea and I share it with my DH, two collies, two bengal cats and a handful of chickens.

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Hi, I'm Beth and I greet you from a small island in Orkney. Loving the MOOC so far and very impressed by its structure and quality - by far the best of the Future Learn courses I have sampled to date. I don't know why I am surprised - if anyone can do this thing well it should be the Web Science team!

I was on the Internet prior to the web's appearance and am I think an a-typical web user by today's standards. Uncomfortable with social networking platforms, I have thus far largely eschewed Google+ and therefore have no idea how these communities work. I am regarding this as a practical exercise for my learning :-)

Good to meet you all.
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