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Had your nonprofit set up your google + brand page? leave me a link in the comments. Thanks
A place to discover, learn, and discuss the various ways nonprofits are using Google products
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+Arizona Browncoats Just gotta figure out an efficient way to feed our website posts over to it. We're on a site I'm not sure will support the Google solution (whatever happened to good ol' RSS?)
So here's a question, Beth, if you know the answer -- is it possible to have more than one person be an 'administrator' of a G+ page (to use FB language) so that other's can post from it as well?
+Maia Duerr Apparently they are working on multi-admin functionality at the moment
I listened to one of your podcasts on Google+, where you warned against grabbing shiny new objects just cuz they're, well, shiny and new... I'm going to give this a few days and figure out a decent plan, looking at other nonprofit and small biz pages in the meantime.

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Perhaps I'm missing the obvious, but once you switch back to your personal account, how do you switch back to "using Google+ as (your page name here)" #easyinfacebook

UPDATE: Found it. There's a small drop down arrow next to your name on the top left of your homepage. #baduserexperience
Now's it's going to get way more interesting.
+Kevin Conroy I laughed at your hashtags, although I think you should change it to #easierthanfacebook - I just went back to FB to test it, and it's more clicks....
+Grist is crashing the party! Are we really telling people to circle us? I think it sounds funny. :)
+Maia Duerr According to the folks at Google+ ... not yet. It is on the roadmap to have more than one admin on the page.
This probably doesn't come as a shock.. but National Wildlife Federation :)
We're not a non-profit, but I hope +Beth Kanter won't mind -- +Care2 has set up its page and we're working on getting it nice and full of content. :)
+Beth Kanter indeed! thanks yes I'm well, I started up All Together Now last year which is why you haven't heard much from me ;) I still read your blog tho, when I have time to read!!
Set up a page for +IAP2 USA today, a non-profit organization which supports the advancement of public participation in the United States. Will be announced to members tomorrow morning.
Just added +Cause Marketing Forum (OK, so we're not a nonprofit, but we love you all!)
My walking group +Londonstrollers 
The Association for International Cancer Research. +AICR
The one-admin thing is a deal breaker, IMO. People come and go from organizations. They go on vacation. I know it's on the roadmap, but I'm surprised it wasn't a feature right out of the gate.
+St. Therese of Lisieux - has anyone else set up a google account based on their work email just to administer their organization's +page (separate from their personal google+ account). I don't know what the rules are about this with Google+ - not allowed on FB.
Thanks, Stephen Ryan, for feeding my Red Cross addiction. ;-)

Re: multiple admins. Until it's working, that lone admin better have backup info, including password, in case of an emergency.
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO): +AFSCME
+Beth Kanter Great and important question. We don't want to let this become an empty outpost.

+John Haydon asked a question here a little while ago: "If you work for a nonprofit, and are considering the possibilities of using Google Plus for your org (either now or in the future), please share some of your thoughts below. I dare you! :-)"

It's a good quick discussion to review. I still think, as I did then, that parts of our audience/network are/will be here eventually and it may not be huge, at least not initially. But, if we're having actual conversations with them, etc., it will be worth it to be here. Some of that has happened in my personal flow (although, admittedly minimally).

My plan here is to also connect with new networks and potential collaborators who may be interested in the type of work that we do.

Capacity is always an issue, but part of my job +Maytree is to be where our audience is, so it'll fit. And, as soon as Hootsuite integrates Google+, my work flow will become a bit easier! :-)

I'd love conversations to happen, But, if the connections and conversations don't happen, and we have people adding us to their circles to stay informed about our work (quite possible given changes to Google Reader and the use of social networks as newsfeed/alternatives to RSS), it will still be worth feeding them information. That's already an important part of our strategy on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so it would fit here as well.
+Susan Hayse Great question. I'm worried about hooking it up to my personal Google profile because of the admin issues you raise.
For now, we'll follow what we do on Facebook and Twitter for the most part. Test the waters and see what kind of response we get.
The Society of Critical Care Medicine has claimed +SCCM, but we haven't done anything with it yet.
Strategy. Yep and capacity. What are the results you want from integrating g+
It's coming, Linda. Along with multi-admins and page analytics, according to the G+ team.
Wayne: do you understand about not being able to communicate with people who are not already in your circle? How to add people, if there is no way of communicating your message across, if nothing else, "common interest" lines.
+Linda Micciche yes, thank you, I understand. It's not easy but building from other networks (Twitter, Facebook) but it could be done... or it could be part of the Google strategy (for now). Or perhaps not.
+Beth Kanter as far as workflow with G+ in the mix, wow. Social media work is making me feel lightheaded.
The title says Google+ "Brand" pages. When those of you setup your pages did you initially select "Product or Brand" or did you use the "Company, Institution, or Organization" category. I selected the second, but am wondering if I should have selected the first. Advantages/Disadvantages??
+ The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project. I've also fond about a dozen food banks and food pantries, but not a strong presence from Pittsburgh in general.
11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits and Make the World A Better Place 2011:

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