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trough of disillusionment or just ranting?
Robert Scoble originally shared:
Sorry I have hit Google's limit. I can not circle more people. Some will think that is a major feature of Google+. Me? It keeps Twitter in the game.

Speaking of Twitter, the Google iPhone app is so bad it is unusable. I am shocked Apple approved it. It hangs so often it frustrates me to no end. Sometimes I wonder if Google tested it at all. I thought it was just me but I checked in with lots of friends and they are all having the same problem.

Instead I use the web browser version with has some deep design flaws. But I guess I need to do a video on those.
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I thought it might be an accelerated trough given the early adopters field testing ... hate the iPhone app, hate having to do inelegant workarounds for filtering ..
What is the deciding factor for 5,000 Limit...why on both the major networks...
+Gloria Schaefer The limit is temporary and only because your following/follower ratio is unbalanced. Once you get past the 2000 or so followers you'll be fine :)
Huh, that's interesting about Twitter, I had no idea there was a ratio!
Man some people can be so demanding, remember G+ is still in beta version, it is a work in progress, what they have delivered out of the gate is very impressive and I'm looking forward to features they release in the future.
FWIW, I too have not encountered any limit on twitter, so .. idk ;)
Again, nearly 14,000 follow me on Twitter & I follow over 10,000 back .. so it was not a problem for me personally .. no limit issue at all :)
It never hit me either - I've got about 14,000 followers as well, but I only follow 900 or so. Which begs the question - how does anyone manage a stream of over 10,000 people?!
Thanks Rebecca.. I've been both a bit blind & somwhat fortunate to avoid some issues I see :)
One could say with some difficulty, yet it's really not that hard, Jillian ;)
I just pared my follows back from around 2000 to 900, and it's still too many people :(

The solution, of course, would be more +Andy Carvin s
The comment earlier about this still being a Beta is worth underscoring. I don't expect the Plus experience today to reflect what it will be 2 months from now. This is a work in progress.

As for the Twitter limit, my understanding is it's set up on a ratio and it's based on how many people you follow. If you follow substantially more people than the number of people who follow you, Twitter cuts you off. Solution: say something that will get more people to follow you.
+Jillian C. York I have over 400,000 followers on Twitter. I follow about 3,000. I use lists and I have identified the knowledgeable sources in each area or community that I want to follow. I look at the whole stream chunked by community or topic for patterns - and then I look at specific sources - people I know who are knowledgeable or tracking the topic in more depth. I follow the few to get to the many - using SNA tools - wrote about it here: - no magic - know your sources, do pattern analysis .... I have no idea how +Robert Scoble follows so many people in some many places - but here's a good interview that may shed some light -
Wowee +Beth Kanter - thanks for drawing my attention to that amazing interview of +Robert Scoble by +Howard Rheingold all about content curation. I just watched it end to end and am so sharing with my peeps now. Being the best human aggregator is something close to my heart. Anyone can select a niche and cherry pick the best content out there to share with their network. The secret is to keep persisting over time. I've used this four-part formula for several years: Quality Network + Quality Content + Consistency + Genuine, Passionate Caring = Profitable Relationships. ;)

Re this post you shared - it'll be interesting to see if Google+ raises the 5k circle ceiling at some point. I know many people have long wanted the 5k Facebook friend ceiling to be raised... but that's what fan pages are for. ;) I do agree with Robert on the G+ iPhone app: it's rudimentary and takes too long to load as you navigate. I'd be on G+ more often if the app worked better. Sure look forward to the new and improved one! :) (Either that, or I've gotta get myself a Droid as well. Lol!)

Re the topic of Twitter following limits and follower ratio that several folks have mentioned here - the 2,000 following limit is in place to prevent spammers from going hog-wild following a gazillion people. In order to break through the 2,000 ceiling, you'll need approx 1,800 followers. It's about 90%. Your followers don't have to be the exact same people that you follow.

One option to get past the 2k limit is simply put people/accounts that don't tend to follow back into a list instead. You don't have to be following accounts in order to put them in a list. Several large news accounts, celebrities and the likes are just not going to follow everyone back and that's fine. ( is a great tool for keeping your Twitter account the way you want it).

Now here's the piece many folks miss: once you go past the 2k limit, that 90% ratio still applies; you can never go beyond the ratio of total following (people you follow) x 90% = total followers (people who follow you).

One other area many folks get confused about is transposing the numbers. Any Twitter account can have an unlimited number of followers, and selectively follow only a small number of accounts. (e.g.@LadyGaGa has 12M+ followers and follows 132k).

Similarly, on Google+, you can have an unlimited (as far as I know!) number of G+ users who have added you to their circles but you can only add a max of 5,000 (for now!) users to circles.

Btw +Jillian C. York - re how does anyone manage a stream of over 10,000 people?! I follow over 113k peeps on Twitter and my strategy is to focus on my @ mentions, a few saved searches, several of my Twitter Lists, my DMs, and some hashtag discussions from time to time. I do catch tweets in my main timeline in my periphery awareness at times and RT and/or spark new discussions. One of my primary reasons for following back is to open the two-way DM box.
Managing the stream in Twitter can be very burdensome. I don't have anywhere near the number of followers that you folks are talking about and it's still a bit of a chore. I do most of my social networking on mobile platform and I find that is a better tool. Again I have no idea how that would translate to a user base in the thousands. Is anyone using any tools to manage your Twitter account (mobile or desktop). 
+Phil Fenton I use co-tweet. But the way I manage it isn't tool-based. I just try to pick out the best couple of links and reply to folks who share stuff. I put a timer to it - 15 minutes and I'm done. Here's my best advice "Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple" plus some links and examples of process.
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