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How is your nonprofit using Instagram as part of its marketing strategy?  Are you mixing it up personally and organizationally?   Are experimenting with best practices?  How are you measuring and learning? 
Blogged:  Is Instagram Useful for Nonprofits?
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I am not using it professionally but I would like to hear from Instagram engaged people all around the world.
Hey Beth! We used Instagram briefly to help document our epic #EstamosUnidos tour (, but it didn't quite take off as we had hoped. We saw sooo much more engagement on Facebook, where we were posting professional, high-quality photos of the tour in almost-real time ( 

The example above shows how I used my personal IG account to re-post the Akins/Clovis image on: Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare simultaneously while linking to an article for more info.

(Prior to that, we posted it directly to the +ACLU of Northern California's Facebook wall, and also to our official Flickr account, from where we Tweeted it.)

So I guess the IG strategy would be to find engaged individuals - who are connected to other engaged individuals - and ask them to share a message on behalf of the org. (That's what I did from my personal account.)

Unfortunately, there is no reposting mechanism on IG (it's generally frowned-upon because the community favors creativity, but I've seen it done - usually with proper attribution). So cross your fingers for "favorites" and comments and maybe the occasional repost.

Also, links don't become links in IG comments - Instagram isn't so thrilled about you leaving Instagram, so hashtags work,@handles are links, etc. etc., but an HTML link will only just show up on the screen.

Hope this helps! I've definitely friended a ton of ACLU colleagues and activists...and I'll occasionally be posting more stuff like this on my Instagram feed. But it's mostly just pictures of kittens. And beer.
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