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How would you apply this process to Google + channel?  How do you measure your content performance here?  I feel like I'm throwing pasta at the wall .... 
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Personally, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a Google Analytics integration forthcoming...until then, it's "pasta against the wall" exactly!
Currently Ripples is a very cool way to see how your content spreads, but GA is coming :)
Beth, I'm Italian. Throwing Pasta to the wall is a test to see if it is al dente. This info graphic is perfect and extremely al dente.
+Corrie Davidson I played with ripples about 6 months and found it lacked features of a robust social network analysis tool - which would be useful.    +Alex Masseni  the graphic is terrific.
The idea behind Ripples is good but I agree with Beth that it's a little light. I think there room for more contact info.
Also, I have not found a tool that I can use to pre-schedule here - anyone have one?
Briliant, apt analogy. I've recently come back on after hearing someone wax poetic at a conference. And once more, love the user interface, don't quite get the network... 
I use Hootsuite to preschedule posts to Google+ So far it's working, but takes a while for the post to actually show online! I've had people commenting on posts before I can see it on the profile.
It is weird :) It comes up in the notifications that the post is there and people are commenting so they can see it, but when I click on my profile it's not there. Never happened before I started using Hootsuite!
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