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For listening, I've created a "Circle of the Wise" of people who curate information that I'm interested in for my professional learning. I'm limiting it to less than dozen and probably will be fluid and change as my interests change.
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That's a really cool idea. I may do one for people who share programming, project management, and business related material.
Great idea! I've done something similar for the spaces that I'm in or interested in.
I like that idea too. Do you know if there's a way to share the composition of your circles, a la Twitter lists?
Sarah - not yet - I would like to see open circles and shared circles. But you could screen capture ..
I have a similar circle (which is also a list on Twitter) called "Brain Trust". VERY helpful.
if someone paid you an insane amount of money to get onto your list, and you could automatically donate that money straight to the cause of your choice, what would you do? how do you examine donor dollars if that would be an exchange you would not make?
Beth - I like what you are saying and I have that one good list I'm just trying to get them on G plus :-) It's been a devil of a time. Otherwise I'm a girl who likes a good mixture of everything.
And how do you get those "Wise" talking about stuff your interested in and not about let's say recipes ?
yeah, act wise. thats the circle you're in. oh did you say cracking wise? why i oughta... sorry the stooges intruded into my learned response.
the good thing the social capital market, the for profit part, has is that you know where the money coming in to do good has come from. not that way with foundation dollars. could be much dirtier than impact investing dollars. non profit funding is so inherently suspect.
that is a phenomenal idea - and of course - you are in my Circle of the Wise!
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