Nonprofit: Linking Staff Performance to Marketing/Social Media KPIs

I did a peer exchange last week here at the Packard Foundation. A couple of grantees shared some terrific stories about building capacity for social media.

If your organization is going to implement an integrated marketing strategy, to ensure adoption results needs to be linked to job performance. You might have a robust integrated strategy and you might even have a social media policy that encourages all staff to participate - but if senior leadership doesn't encourage linking the results to job performance - you may not get good results.

Training is essential. You can't just throw people into the deep end of the pool without swimming lessons. Getting staff buy-in comes from group trainings and one-on-one coachings - preferably multi-channel and using your organization as the example. Don't try to do training unless it is an official part of your department's work plan.

The unanswered question: Should you tie results to job performance review if staff person is using their personal accounts?

What's your experience linking marketing/social media KPIs to job performance? Tips, examples, stories, comments, links appreciated´╗┐
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