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Yes! according to date from Socialbakers that shows photos are definitely still king here on Facebook (h/t Mari Smith) 

And now your nonprofit doesn't have to stress out about finding good quality free or lowcost images. Here's super duper curated list of free and updated image sources:

New on the list is:

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Innovation Toolkits for Nonprofits - my review of the DYI kit, plus after diving into a number of design thinking kits - I found two others that were totally awesome.     Has your nonprofit used innovation facilitation and techniques to generate new ideas, adapt or adopt ideas that get better results?

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Calling all US-based nonprofits! Do you have an idea for how to amplify your impact with Glass? Share your best ideas at by  +11:59 PDT on  +May 20, 2014. Five U.S.-based nonprofits will receive a pair of Glass, a trip to a Google office for training, a $25,000 grant, and help from Google developers to make your Glass project a reality.

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Here's three good posts to read about the Twitter Profile redesign: 

Twitter Official Announcement: Summarizes the changes

What the Twitter Profile Design Means for You

An analysis of the good and bad. 76% of Twitter users are on mobile and the new profile is for desktop. 

Will the new Twitter profile get some of these people back to their desktop? Who knows. Also, you still get a pop-up window that gives you a summary of the profile, do you click and view the whole profile?

A template for the new image sizes:

What do you think? Have you turned on the new design? 

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Some thoughts from the recent eXtension Conference about social learning practice.

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I really like the Mobilisation Journal project posted on the Knight News Challenge.    Here's why:

There is not a resource that facilitate learning and experimentation from organizations/networks/individuals who want to use networked approaches for social change campaigns – regardless of issue.   This journal provides a way to strengthen practitioners skills and adapt to rapid changes. The journal information will be highly practical but based on research and can be immediately applied.

 The potential for a larger feedback loop – of organizations and others using the insights and reporting back what they learn is very exciting. 

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What I learned about nonprofit executive directors and getting on social media!  Here's a reflection from the AFP Conference and some advice from Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles

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It's National Pet Day tomorrow and ASPCA is celebrating with a Google Hang Out.

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