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My Great Pyr/Komondor mixed girl jumping over a ditch on our afternoon walk. Doesn't she look like a happy dog?
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cute, how big is she? She doesn't look as big as I would have expected. Darn cute, though.

My son just got a new border collie yesterday. Sadie is overweight but settling in nicely.
+Angie Creasy-Thompson , Molly is about 88 pounds. She is long enough that she can steal stuff off the top of the fridge!! LOL!

It took her awhile to understand that chickens, ducks, guineas, peafowl and turkeys are not to be disturbed, but now she is doing pretty well. She is still in training. Our Maremma, Buffy the Coyote Slayer is breaking her into goat watching.
Buffy and the rest of the dogs of Castle Argghhh! Farm have chased away many a coyote, possum, raccoon and skunk!
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